The staples you need to build the perfect wardrobe for a business casual workplace!

It’s a new year and spring is here, which means it’s time to de-clutter your closet and fill it with this coming season’s wardrobe. For this spring, think about the articles of clothing that can be worn in your work environment as well as your casual weekend lifestyle.

As twenty-somethings, our occupations are more likely to be less business professional and more business casual.

Having a business casual atmosphere allows us to purchase items that we can wear during work and after work hours, and still be comfortable yet trendy. Having a fashion forward wardrobe that enables you to go from work to cocktails with your friends is very doable. Keep your eyes open for the classics and spring-forward fashionable items.

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Various types of clothing enable you to grow your career style and every day wardrobe. Here are 4 staples for the business casual wardrobe that you need to develop your style, along with some helpful tips on how to get your dream closet without breaking your bank.

1. The Little Black Dress

 The little black dress will always be a fashion staple in the professional world, and perfect for a casual Sunday brunch.

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When I’m out shopping, my eyes will veer towards the dark hues and black flowy dresses. The LBD doesn’t necessarily have to be the color black. It can be a color that is capable of matching, layering, and contrasting with other colors and patterns. Being able to wear the LBD to various events will add a lot more options to your closet.

2. Booties and Slip-Ons

 The perfect pair of booties and slip-ons can go with almost everything.

Whether you choose black suede with leather or all over tan leather booties, they pair nicely with a flowy dress for work and a pair of jeans on the weekend! Booties have become a fashion staple because they’re adorable yet easy to walk in all over town and in the office!

3. Light Weight Blouses

Having a number of sleek and light weight blouses can be dressed up or down when coordinating outfits.

You can choose from various colors, patterns, and styles that allow for layering with an oversized cardigan or blazer. One person in particular that carries multiple business casual blouses is Lauren Conrad. Her LC Lauren Conrad collection that is available at Kohl’s showcases thin tops such as peasant tops, pintuck blouses, and lovely lace shirts.

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4. The Perfect Denim

Working in a business casual environment that allows you to wear jeans, you should have a go-to pair or two that can be worn with graphic tees or a blazer.

Personally, I have two pairs: one lighter pair and one darker pair that I like to switch on and off for my work days. Places to get great quality denim that still says, “I’m a professional” and won’t cost you a good chunk of your paycheck are Gap, Lucky Brand, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. These stores give various options and styles depending on your body type and style preference!

While perfecting your career style and wardrobe, here are helpful points that can keep you on track:

1. Shop with a specific item in mind. Being able to remember what’s in your closet and making decisions in the store can help from duplicate articles of clothing. Build outfits off of what fits you well.

2. Download an app to track your outfits. There are multiple apps that you can download in order to keep track of what’s in your closet. The apps can also pair various articles of clothing and accessories to offer more options. Stylebook is a great option.

3. Always look for deals! I don’t know about you, but I’m a sales gal. When you’re shopping, looking for the deals will enable you to add more to your wardrobe by spending less! If you find an item you like, try to grab it on sale. Especially if you are purchasing  trendy items instead of staple items.

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Growing your wardrobe can be difficult for many reasons. Sometimes you don’t have the money or you have too much of the same items in your closet. I’m guilty of this because I tend to lean towards the dark hues and floral patterns. As long as you can make your outfits work for your career and weekend style, you will rule the world!

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