Spring is finally here, though it might not feel like it to people in certain parts of the country. This time of year only means one thing: spring cleaning. It reminds me of when my mother use to tell me it was time for a good old fashion spring cleaning. As a kid that meant I had to help clean every nook and cranny of the house. My memory of spring cleaning may not be fun, however as an adult I look at it very differently. I see it as an opportunity.

Where did spring cleaning come from anyway? Some people say it originated from Jewish religion around the time of Passover. Some say it is an old Chinese tradition in anticipation of the Chinese New Year. And others say it is in honor of the Persian New Year since it falls on the first day of spring.

Many people today still practice this institution because they have been hibernating all winter and their place needs a good cleaning from all that lounging around by the fire. Whatever the reason is for this tradition we should embrace it and here are five reasons why:

  1. Your home really wants and needs to be clean – Yes, we all like to push off cleaning house but spring is about new beginnings. What better way to embrace nature’s new beginning then with a good scrub in those places we often over look.
  2. Motivation to get rid of the clutter – One great way to clean up is by going through closets, cabinets, or any storage space in your house. Think about the last time you went through all those spaces. It has probably been awhile. I guarantee there are things you forgot you even had that are taking up valuable space. Plus, the more things you can get rid of the less you have to worry about cleaning out next year.
  3. A chance to get organized – It is amazing how quickly we can let things pill up. Spring cleaning should be an opportunity to organize your space. You will feel so much better once you do. An organized home means a more organized life.
  4. Discover hidden treasures – This relates to number two, when you go through your closet or jewelry box (something I recently did) you might find things you thought were lost or have come back in style. Can you say free shopping spree? But make sure you only keep the stuff you know you will use. If it has sentimental value start a keepsake box to keep all those precious items in one place.
  5. Feel energized and accomplished – The best reason to partake in the age-old tradition is to feel a sense of accomplishment. When you set out to do something and complete it, that sense of triumph is great motivation for you to take on the world with your next task or goal.
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Spring cleaning may be about cleaning your house, but it ultimately is about cleaning out your life. So grab a broom, open up the windows, let a little light shine on your soul and embrace the clean.