Can I tell you a secret?! I am SO looking forward to spending Christmas this year with just my immediate family. We will be in cozy clothes all day, sipping hot cocoa and eating delicious food. We’ll be opening presents, singing Christmas songs, and watching all the best Christmas movies.

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Although, this holiday season will look vastly different compared to previous years, I still intend to make the most of it—you can too! Christmas isn’t just about presents, and big gatherings, it’s also about spending it with those you love, and making memories to last a lifetime.

This Christmas most people will be celebrating with a much smaller crowd of family. Some may have separate celebrations, while others may only choose to celebrate with their immediate family in their respective household. However you choose to celebrate, just know that celebrating with just your immediate family, is absolutely ok. Even though we are still well into this pandemic, spending time with just your immediate family can still have SO many benefits.

What a Smaller Christmas Means This Year

Less stress and more memories:

Celebrating with just your household can make the setting much more intimate. You may actually get to spend some more quality time with your immediate family. What’s more, all the stress we all normally have from huge holiday gatherings is basically eliminated.

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That means no big meal planning, no stress of cooking something huge, and no extra cleaning. The best part, you can be in your pajamas all day. I’d call that a win!

This also means that you have time to make more memories with your significant other, your kids, and/or your siblings. Setting traditions and making memories are two very important and meaningful things during the holiday season.

This year we plan to take it back to the good ol’ days. Watching Christmas movies all day, listening to Christmas music as we open gifts and letting the kiddos play with toys.

We also plan to stay dressed-down, because normally, we get really dressed up. However, since we’re just hanging out around the house, we’re going to wear festive pajamas and be comfy all day!

Christmas is what you make it:

Cliché, I know, but this really is true. You really can make the most of your time in any given situation. Christmas doesn’t always have to be about huge gatherings and big feasts. It can be about spending quality time with those you love. Even pre-Covid, many people around the world were not fortunate enough to spend Christmas with family or did not have the means to celebrate like many of us are so fortunate to do.

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So make the most of your holiday with what you have. Count your blessings and be thankful for evening being able to celebrate. If you want to go the extra step in showing your gratitude, think of ways to give back to others who are less fortunate.

Start traditions:

My favorite thing to do is to pass on my family traditions to my daughter and also to create new ones with her. Just because you are spending Christmas with your household, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything fun!

Maybe a good tradition to start would be a Christmas movie marathon, cooking a delicious breakfast or dinner together, playing board games, and other activities along those lines. Make traditions that you can do every year. Whether you start traditions with your spouse or with your kids, they will be sure to remember for a lifetime!

Be present:

This. Now, to be honest, we are all guilty, at some level, of being stuck on our phones. This isn’t the year that we’re rushing around from event to event, it’s the year we’re staying home, and we’ll be present while we do.

We are starting this tradition this year. We are going to put our phones on silent, toss them in a basket, and be around each other. If we get bored, then we’ll think of something to do!

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Most of us grew up without phones, so we know we can do this. Put the phones down. Be more present. It has been very evident during this pandemic, that life is far too short.

Regardless of if you’re spending Christmas with a smaller crowd this year, make sure to follow the CDC guidelines and the guidelines for your specific area. Be merry but be safe too!

Christmas is about making memories with your loved ones. Just know that there will be many more years to come, covid will eventually be a thing of the past and we’ll be celebrating with all the family again, and jumping into the full blown craziness of the holidays.

So for now, make the most of this precious time with your loved ones or with whomever you choose to spend it with. Remember to start some traditions, don’t stress so much and let loose a little. Enjoy your Christmas this year.

Don’t let this pandemic ruin your entire 2020. There is still plenty of good all around us, you just have to keep your eyes alert and keep your heart open.

How will you be spending your holidays this year?