Why It's Important to Share Your Location With Your Besties

I am a morning person. I am that annoying person who is up from 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning blowing up the group chat. But there was one Saturday morning where that was not the case and you bet my friends noticed. They knew where I was the night before and who I was with, but they still were a bit concerned.

When I finally woke up at 11 AM and joined in on the conversation, we agreed that it was time we shared our locations on our phones with each other and couldn’t believe we had not thought of it sooner. It took two seconds to do! It has definitely been a positive to our friend group, and I am sure it will be to yours as well.

Why It’s Important to Share Your Location With Your Besties

1. You can guarantee safety. 

By knowing where your friends are at all times, you can see if something is up or something seems out of the norm. If someone is unable to find them, you can. This is especially true if your friends are meeting people they have yet to meet in person yet, traveling anywhere alone, and so on.

For instance, if your friend is driving somewhere alone and something happens, such as her car breaking down, you have the ability to see exactly where she is, without having to wait on her sending you the actual location.

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These are just a couple of examples, but there are so many safety advantages to sharing your location with someone else.

2. It makes meeting up easier. 

We have all been there — you are trying to meet up with your friend who says she is 10 minutes away, but 10 minutes have passed and she’s still nowhere in sight so you are awkwardly sitting at the bar with your glass of wine.

By sharing location, you know exactly how far your friend is! Yes, she can call you out if you claim to only be 10 minutes away but not actually be (yes, I have been guilty of this), but it also reassures her, as she knows how long she actually does have to wait.

3. It can help ease online dating.

You are at the bar or restaurant with the guy you met on a dating app or online. Whereas we always hope for the best in people, you never really know who you are going to meet, do you? It’s always important to tell your friends who you are going out with and where.

This way, they can check your location on your phone and make sure it matches with where you told them you would be. If anything seems out of the ordinary, they know.

4. It helps when it comes to ride-sharing. 

Yes, on most ride-sharing apps you can send your ride to people you want to, but sometimes we forget about this.

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Let’s be honest — we have all gotten into that Uber or Lyft at 4 AM alone after a night of drinking and may not be totally aware of our surroundings. By having your location already shared with your friends, they can simply see that you got home safe and that your driver did not take you anywhere out of the ordinary.

5. It’s great for traveling.

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, it is easy to get lost while exploring somewhere new. You likely have a wanderer in your friend group — that one friend who always frolics off somewhere and you have no idea where she went. By having her location on your phone, you are able to know if she actually left the building you are in or if she’s still there without having to blow up her phone with tons of texts and missed calls that she’s just not responding to.

6. It’s fun! 

I once saw that one of my friends was literally up the block from my home and you bet I texted her like a creeper asking her what she was doing. It resulted in a really good laugh, and a fun game that we now play. Plus, now you know if your bestie really left the bar ten minutes after you did, like she said she would.

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Of course you should not be going around sharing your location with everyone. Choose a couple of close friends and all agree to share your locations with each other. I personally shared mine with my most active group chat and it has been great. Plus, it adds an extra level of safety and precaution to all of the above (and more!).

It takes literally no effort to have your location shared with others. Plus you have a group of people knowing where you are in the event that something is of the ordinary.

Now we obviously do not spend every second of the day checking up on each other’s locations, but when we know someone is out on a date with someone they don’t know or in that 4 AM Uber, you bet we are.

Do you share your location with friends and family?