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Everybody remembers their very first car because it is the all-important vehicle which opened up an entirely new world. Everyone wants to get a good deal on their car, but also drive away with a quality automobile. 

Here are a few tips on how you can save money on your very first car:

1. Buy Second Hand

The first and most obvious tip is to buy second hand as these cost a significant amount less than buying brand new. It is important to always buy used from a reputable dealership, as this will provide consumer protection and a host of other benefits. Private sellers may be cheaper, but it can be risky and there are a lot of fraudulent sellers out there.

2. Shop Around and Negotiate

If you do decide to buy second hand, be sure to shop around to find the best prices for the automobile you are looking at. You can then use this information when you negotiate with the used car dealer. Read up on how to negotiate online and you could save a tidy sum.

3. Small Cars

There is good reason that new motorists tend to have smaller cars as their first vehicle. In addition to being safe and reliable, these cars are also cheaper to insure and buy. There are many excellent small cars that are well suited to new drivers to consider too.

4. Efficient Vehicles

Another great way to save money on your first car is to select an efficient automobile. By selecting one with high mpg and low emissions, you could save a tidy sum on the running costs. As an example, an all-electric car would be very cheap to run as you would not have to pay any road tax.

5. Just Add Fuel

Just Add Fuel deals are brilliant for new drivers as they are cost-effective and take the stress out of running a car. These deals include the servicing, tax, breakdown cover, insurance and warranty in a monthly payment over three years. This can make managing the costs much easier and there will be a range of deals available, allowing you to find the one which is best suited to your needs.

These are the main ways that you can save money on a car as a new motorist. This is an important investment and you will want to find the perfect car, but you will also want to save money and get a good deal.

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