From the Progressive Picnic to the Fitness Fiesta, here are 5 parties that will wow your friends.

The grown and glamorous phase of life comes with many perks, and getting to be the host/ess of an adult soiree is a big one. Unfortunately, planning such a gathering often seems more daunting than doable and you might be tempted to push party-planning aside.

It’s not as difficult as it seems, however, and with a bit of ingenuity you can throw a smashing success that will keep you guests talking for weeks. Keep reading as we present five unique and chic ideas for a night filled with frivolity.

Here are 5 parties to host as a twenty-something:

1) Fondue frolic.

Nothing brings people together like a communal dish of melted cheese. Or chocolate. Or caramel. Originating back to the 1690’s, this meal was traditionally comprised of cheese and wine, with bread for the dipping. But don’t hesitate to put your own creative spin on it.

5 Parties to Host as a Twenty-Something: Fondue Frolic


For more intimate gatherings, one pot should suffice, while larger groups might appreciate three or more dipping stations. Try having a variety of sauces and dipping ingredients on hand and you’ll be sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

*Bonus Party Tip: If hosting during mealtime, have additional options on hand such as hors d’Oeuvres or a light summer salad.

2) Past blast.

For a food-lover’s feast with a bit more flare, consider hosting a period inspired dinner party. Forego the traditional phone invites, instead choosing to send custom designed invitations — graphic design savvy individuals will love creating their own, while ready made invites are also available.

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Whether you opt for 1920’s chic, or ‘60’s swank, be sure to specify what type of attire guests should arrive in. Set the mood with candles and fine-china and trade the top-40 tunes for time appropriate hits.

*Bonus Party Tip: Truly immerse your guests in the days of yore by serving cuisine that correlates with your theme.

3) Fitness fiesta.

If you’d rather be movin’ and groovin’ than focusing on table manners, a fitness inspired fling is for you. Determine which of your friends is Yoga, Zumba, or otherwise fitness certified and ask if they’ll guide a routine for your guests. Make sure attendees know they’ll be working up a sweat, and encourage them to arrive in workout-wear. Create a one-of-a-kind workout playlist and be sure to have plenty of chilled water bottles and snacks on hand.

5 Parties to Host as a Twenty-Something: Fitness Fiesta

*Bonus Party Tip: If you have access to a pool or hot tub, tell guests to bring their swimsuits and take an after-party plunge to soothe those aching muscles!

4) Showtime shindig.

A far more sedentary (but just as sweet!) option may be a multi-episode marathon of your favorite cult classic. Popular options include feel-good comedies like Parks and Rec or The Office and are sure to induce some serious giggles. Track down a projector if possible, make sure there’s plenty of seating available, and set up a spread of grabby ‘show snacks’ like popcorn and Red Vines. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, consider preparing a meal that reflects the show itself.

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*Bonus Party Tip: Have guests show up in pajamas to bump up the coziness factor.

5) Progressive picnic.

For a group gathering, with only half the headache, try enlisting the help of three or more friends to prepare a feast that’s sure to amaze. Each of those individuals is assigned a course and is then responsible for both the food prep and hosting during that time.

Guests will generally begin at the original host’s house for drinks/appetizers, moving to the next location (main course) after about 45 minutes, and so on and so forth. Attendees should block out approximately four hours of their evening for this lengthy meal, but are sure to be kept refreshed by the change of scenery and food options.

5 Parties to Host as a Twenty-Something: Progressive Picnic


*Bonus Party Tip: Consider collaborating with your other hosts and sticking to a theme, whether it’s ethnic fare, health-conscious, or an upcoming holiday. Keep portion sizes on the smaller side, ensuring that guests don’t get too full at any one place.

Though your wild and crazy party days may have passed, that doesn’t mean the parties are over. Pick an option above and get ready to wow.