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This Is Why Meditation Is Good For You

8 reasons meditation is good for you

The world is full of daily stressors that can wreak havoc on your wellbeing. Your mind is often put under a ton of pressure. To help combat that stress, meditation can be calming for both the mind and body.

New to meditation? Start out by meditating for five minutes every day, either right after waking up, before going to sleep, or mid-day when work seems to be at its most stressful.

Here’s why you should make meditation part of your daily schedule:

1. It will make you happier. Meditation helps the pituitary gland located in the brain to release endorphins, which elevate your mood. This is the same thing that happens when you exercise.

2. It will reduce stress. Endorphins don’t just make you happy, they reduce stress, too. You’ll stop worrying about the little things and you’ll be happier at the same time.

3. It will help you focus. When you meditate, you learn how to discipline your mind to keep it from wandering. By regularly practicing focus during meditation, you’ll also find it easier to focus during your day. This will help improve your efficiency, too.

4. Your sleep will improve. Studies have shown that meditation enhances sleep patterns, which is a big help for insomniacs. Try meditating for up to ten minutes before going to sleep. The meditation and methodical breathing should help make you sleepy.

5. It will lower blood pressure. Research has shown the positive effect of meditation on blood pressure. Plus, it offers help for both short-term and long-term blood pressure. Why? Meditation limits your psychological stress while helping improve your coping ability, two things that greatly affect blood pressure.

6. It will relieve pain. Meditation does this by making changes in the brain, which in turn help you change how your pain is perceived. People who meditate regularly are less sensitive to pain. People with chronic pain also have an easier time dealing with it as their mindfulness increases.

7. It connects you to others. Meditation helps with social interaction, despite being a solo venture. Since your mind is focused, it’s easier to feel compassionate toward others. You can improve your feelings toward strangers, too, not just people you already know.

8. Meditation strengthens your aura. You’ll have a stronger positive energy, which makes you a nicer person to be around. You’l find that people will start naturally gravitating to you more. You’ll also enjoy their company more.

Meditation is also an important component in recovery. If you need help with recovering from addiction, contact a reputable center, like the New River Wellness Center.

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