My Love and Hate Relationship with Cosmo

How many times have you flipped through a Cosmo magazine and seen the countless stories of love and heartbreak, advice, quizzes, celebrity interviews…etc. How many times have you been in line at the grocery store and picked up a Cosmo magazine, browsed through it and thought, “Oh goodness, not another bad dating story.” 

Some of us can’t get enough while others just can’t even. I’m in between. I have a love/hate relationship with the oh-so-lovely Cosmopolitan Magazine.

When I was a teenager, I remember seeing my mom read it from time to time. She always told me it was an “adult”magazine, so I wasn’t really allowed to read it. But nevertheless, I always snuck a peek here and there, just like every other curious teenager wondering about sex and the forbidden.

As I got older and became an adult, I finally bought my own copy and I was immediately engaged and intrigued. What was this?! A magazine that crossed boundaries and talked about sex and all the details surrounding sex. Not just that, but the endless advice about love, the bad sex stories, the bad dating stories, the statistics; it goes on and on.

When I was younger, inexperienced in love and a little more vulnerable, I searched for any outlet of advice to reassure myself that my thoughts were valid. What I didn’t realize back then is that you can’t believe everything you read. It’s true that there is a lot of good, solid, backed up advice out there, but not all of that advice is good to listen to. I used to validate my reasonings and my thoughts with these articles I would read. Heck, I used to do the same with Carrie Bradshaw’s advice from Sex and The City, but that is a whole other article.

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I can tell you how much I love Cosmo, but really it’s more for the entertainment now. I love the funny stories and the horror dating stories, the quizzes are fun, and the celebrity pieces are always enjoyable. I still read the advice, but I don’t take it. I do however love the sex tidbits, about advancing your experience in the bedroom. I mean you can’t go wrong with that advice (it’s really not as bad as Tumblr makes it seem).

What I don’t want is for young girls to think of this magazine the way I used to.

Although I know they still will. If there are any younger teenage girls reading this article, I urge you not to seek out a Cosmo magazine for those reasons. Learn about love on your own, and honestly, advice is great is many ways, but when you’re getting it from someone who doesn’t know your situation, it’s pointless.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, as a writer I respect the brilliant writers of Cosmo, but I feel like all readers should understand that there advice is usually driven by the experiences of the writers. That’s usually how it goes. But just like any other advice driven TV show or magazine article, you need to look at the bigger picture.

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Since a young age, my dream has been to write for a popular magazine. I’ve always dreamed of having my own column or my own piece in each issue. Cosmo is among one of the magazines I would love to eventually write for. But if I did, I would bring something different to the table. A more generic, non-bias perspective.

You see, Cosmo is a great magazine. They have broken rules and crossed boundaries before any other magazine, and I applaud them for doing so.

They talk about real talk when it comes to love, dating, sex, and relationships. They give you the info you need to know about the latest sex gossip, trends, and women’s health. They give you advice, celebrity news, celebrity interviews and also give women the feeling of being comfortable in their own skin. The magazine does great things for women. But in the same respect, we can’t always listen to everyone’s advice as sometimes it may not exactly help you in your dilemma.

So the next time you buy a Cosmo magazine, know that it’s OK to read through it and take in the info that you read, but don’t always take every word to heart.

I know a lot of women who swear by the advice of Cosmo but they don’t see the bigger picture and they don’t understand that the advice may not pertain to their exact dilemma, as every situation is different. Cosmo is fun, entertaining, and it gets your heart racing when you read those sex tidbits. But just remember it’s a magazine, just like countless other magazines that give you advice straight from a different individual each time.

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I’ll always love Cosmo, but as I’ve become a little more wise and grown up, I’ve learned not to take to much of their advice to heart and I’ve learned that’s it more of an entertainment magazine. Cosmo has broken boundaries and will continue to do so, and I definitely think you should pick up an issue next time you go your local grocery store or newsstand.

What do you think about Cosmo? It it your cup of tea or do they miss the mark?