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5 Hacks to Earn Extra Money In a Month

Money is one of those necessary evils in life. We have to work to earn an income, to then turn around and spend our earnings on bills. Sometimes our funds are put to good use because we spend money on new clothes, a vacation, books, video games, or gifts for others. More often, though, our money is spent on rent, phone bills, electricity, groceries, and the like. Health insurance, car payments, and college tuition all cost money. Food, mortgages, and children cost us money. Even our pets and hobbies cost money. Regardless of what we spend our money on, the truth remains: money is absolutely necessary.

So, outside of working full-time (and maybe a part-time job, too) how do we earn and save more money? GenTwenty has five foolproof ways for you to put more money into your bank accounts:

1. Sell unwanted, unused items.

Do you have unused junk cluttering up your house? Sometimes we hold onto old computers, tablets, phones, cameras, etc. that pile up in our closets untouched. While electronics do depreciate, you might find you could sell your unused items on websites like eBay or Craigslist to earn some quick cash. I recently sold an old laptop and made $450! If there’s a buyer, there’s a way to make some money. This could also include something like trying to sell a non running car – there are many thing you might see as junk that could be valuable to others!

2. Recycle bottles and cans.

Let’s be honest: most twenty-somethings enjoy bottled beverages. We drink Vitamin Water, Gatorade, bottled water, and/or alcohol. All of these beverages come in the form of bottles and cans, which are usually recyclable in a number of states. Rather than recycle plastic with your standard recycling, take your bags of bottles and cans to a redemption center. This is a great way to earn some cash back. A large bag of bottles and cans could be ten bucks if it’s full! Even though most of these only earn you five cents per bottle and can or 15 cents for a wine bottle, it’s all still money. It adds up!

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3. Offer to house sit, pet sit, or baby sit.

These days, it’s hard for people to go on vacation or plan a date night without securing a babysitter or house sitter. Some people will even pay you to watch their dog or cat! Luckily, this is an easy way for you to earn some cash on the side.

Advertise yourself online on websites like Anyone in the market to hire someone to watch their child, pet, or house will be able to speak with you to schedule your services. This method is nice because it’s something you can do part-time on your nights or weekends to earn an extra income.

4. Keep a fund for loose change.

Ever come home from work only to dump your pocket change out? If this describes you, keep a change jar around the house or apartment. That change definitely adds up, especially if you have quarters and dimes in the mix. Every time you fill the jar, take it to your bank and deposit it right into your savings account. Even incremental savings of ten or twenty dollars here and there adds up.

5. Sell your skills.

Are you talented at writing, editing, art, or the like? If you are, there’s a market for you! Researching online you will find so many people looking for a tutor to help their child or someone to paint them a particular photo, or someone who can offer affordable music lessons. Take your talent and consider it a financial opportunity.

Tutoring a child once or twice a week may help put some money back into your bank account. Plus, you’re doing a good deed by helping someone else. While it’s not as giving as volunteering, it is a great way to put your skill(s) to good use and save a little extra.

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Saving money is hard, and the older we get it’s only harder. Most of us put money toward rent/mortgage, groceries, phones, electricity, heat, cars/transportation, retirement accounts, and the like. Some of us even have to pay for student loans, kids, and pets, too.

In short, life is expensive, and it’s only becoming more difficult to live comfortably. Never give up, though. These hacks and many others are bound to help you save even a bit more money.

How do you save some extra money? Share your hacks in the comments!

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