Even though they’re everywhere, selfies still catch a lot of flack. Some say they are narcissistic. Others say they are simply annoying. We say it’s time to stop the selfie criticism and embrace them. Selfies promote self-love and positive self-esteem. While they can be indulgent when posted too often, selfies help social media users accept themselves.

A Quick History of the Selfie

Although “selfie” is new slang for a self portrait, they have been around for decades. As long as personal cameras have been around, people have taken pictures of themselves for various reasons. Sometimes no one else is around to take the picture. Or sometimes we’re the best person to capture the shot.

Taking Your Fabulous Selfie

Regardless of our reasons, selfies are nothing to be ashamed of. Here we have a brief list of ideas for capturing our next selfie. Feel free to use these or your personal methods. When it comes down to it, there’s really no wrong way to take a selfie!

Download the right app. Selfies can be improved depending on what app is used to take it. Nowadays people mainly take selfies on their smartphone. Some use Snapchat, while others use Instagram or VSCOcam. The right app depends on personal preference, although some apps are better for using filters which leads us to…

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Consider using a filter. Selfies are about self-love, so it’s completely fine (and encouraged!) to post an unaltered photo online. Many do it with the hashtag #nofilter. However, some apps have artistic and fun filters that can give photos a boost of color. Brightening an image or putting in black and white might fit your aesthetic. Play around and have fun!

Add hashtags to the image. Selfies are for embracing and sharing ourselves online. When we post it, our followers will immediately see it. But if we want to reach out to a bigger community, hashtags will help. Some popular ones include #me, #photooftheday, #selfie, #smile or #instadaily. Using these will help connect our selfies with others.

Find a flattering angle. If we’re trying to take a nice selfie, it helps to work our angles. Some suggest holding the camera slightly higher than our heads. Others say to turn the head slightly to the left or right with the chin pointed down. Some picture takers choose to smile. Some do not. To get the flattering angle, take a few pictures, and decide on your favorite.

How do you capture your perfect selfie? We want to know! Share your selfies or comments below.