We leave college with degrees, some connections, and big dreams and plans that we hope will sustain us through entry level jobs and the ramen-for-dinner situations that are so common during our first year in the “real world.”

The thing we don’t have as millennials? Intimate knowledge of the corporate world.

We’re trying to play the game and do all the right things… except no one taught us the rules and we’re not sure what’s okay and what’s not.

That’s where Kayla Buell’s (AKA Lost Gen Y Girl) book comes in.

Kayla has written a Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties to help you navigate those tricky situations, like figuring out which emails to cc your boss on and how to find new career opportunities without burning bridges at your current job.

Kayla writes in her signature blog voice; You’re practically sitting down with her over coffee as she shares her corporate world mishaps and lessons she’s learned from working in the corporate world before age 18.

It’s casual and devoid of corporate jargon, but full of useful, timely advice that you can start applying right now.

My three favorite snippets:

While there was so much I enjoyed from the book, these three points in particular stood out to me as memorable and useful advice that anyone can benefit from:

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1. Share your knowledge with others.

“They say that one of the best ways to really master a skill is to teach other people how to do it… The more you share with others, the more proficient you become in whatever it is that you’re sharing, and you also establish yourself as a subject matter expert, which is a really attractive thing to put on your resume.

Despite all that, I’ve found that it’s really common in Corporate America for people to not want to share their knowledge. People are scared to teach others…because they’re scared that they’ll be replaced… But dude, if I’m so easily replaceable, then hell, replace me… Someone who’s confident in their abilities and confident in their worth isn’t scared to share their knowledge… they know the truth.

They know the entire department thrives when everyone’s a lot more knowledgeable… Teach other people when you have an opportunity to do so, and eventually, you’ll be seen as that go-to person. The one who always knows how to do stuff. The one who always has the answer.

And you know what ultimately makes you in the end? Someone totally fit for a leadership position. Doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?”

2. Learn to bake.

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“Nothing boosts office morale like homemade goods… If I’ve learned one thing at work, it’s that people love free food, and if you’re the designated baker in the office and repeatedly make delicious stuff, by default, they’ll love you.”

3. Remember — it’s never too late to change careers.

“Changing careers isn’t just for people in their twenties, remember that. As you navigate through the corporate life, know that it’s possible for you to wake up and decide you want to do something else.

Okay, so you’ve been at your job for 7 years, so what? What does that have to do with the rest of your life? Don’t be scared to jump ship and start something new.

Remember, it’s about your happiness here, and it’s about finding a job that allows you to tap into your passions. It’s about living a life that you’re proud of. It’s about making a difference, and whether you discover that right out of college or 15 years into your career, you owe it to yourself to go after that.”

Is this book for me?

I personally think you will benefit most from this book if you are a junior/senior in college or are 2-3 years post-grad.

It would also be an extremely beneficial read to those who are transitioning to a corporate or office environment if you’ve never worked in one before.

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Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kayla fills these pages with advice, personal anecdotes, and refreshing honesty that is hard to find in a book with the word “corporate” on the cover.

I am inclined to recommend this book to any young professional looking to shorten the learning curve as they enter the corporate world.

You can find the Corporate Guide For Your Twenties by Kayla Buell on Amazon.

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