Travel and millennials seem to go hand in hand these days. In fact, Virtuoso Luxury Traveler reported that 66 percent of millennials consider traveling to be an essential part of life.

And while they may be spending more than they have in the past on trips, they’re not spending as much as older generations do on leisure trips. This shouldn’t come as much of a shock considering millennials are potentially at the lowest tier of their career earnings.

As millennials clearly want to travel, but don’t want to spend too much, it’s crucial to take advantage of all the ways to save with these budget travel tips for millennials:

1. Use points or miles for airfare. Now is the time to be resourceful and to be stingy. If there’s a way to cash in your miles or points, do it. You could end up booking a really cheap flight, or even a free one.

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2. Check for alternatives. If there’s one thing millennials are familiar with after years of schooling, it’s doing their research. Never take the first deal you see, or at least never be forced to stick with it. It’s important to always compare rates and deals when figuring out your options. If you’re splurging to stay at a hotel, you want to at least make sure that it’s the best deal around.

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3. House-sit. While “house-sitting” may not be a traditional means of travel accommodations, millennials could be all for it. Millennials are much more social and open-minded, according to the Virtuoso Luxury Traveler report, which means they’re the perfect group for a house-sitting vacation.

Staying at an old friend’s or family member’s house while they’re on vacation should be exciting. Get out of the apartment and take advantage of the time to lounge around–hopefully with their cute pets–in their home.

4. Take a day trip. It’s time to face it that week-long vacations just may not be a part of the budget. Fortunately, one day off of work for exploring could feel just as good and prove extremely cost effective. If you live near a city or the coastline, consider an affordable day trip. Hop on the bus or the train for a relatively cheap price, and enjoy a day off in a fun location.

5. Schedule smart. At this point in life, you are probably the most free you will ever be. You aren’t tied down by kids, spouses, pets, and all the other obligations of adulthood. The world is your oyster, and while that might make picking up and leaving sound appealing, you should really take scheduling into consideration.With so much availability, it’s best to consider the cheapest times to travel.

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Even if it’s off-season or an odd-time during the week, it could be totally worth it. Do your research when picking a time and date. Skyscanner is a site that allows you to compare flight deals all the time and can send you updates when a cheaper opportunity pops up.

6. Stick with your friends. Older adults might not even contemplate rooming with a friend (or more than one friend for that matter), but millennials totally should. If you made it through college rooming with a nightmare roommate, you can definitely suck it up and room with a friend for a vacation.

Traveling with friends can also cut down on other costs like splitting gas bills if driving or when sharing a taxi in a new city. The buddy policy is always the best policy.

7. Road trip. Booking alternate forms of travel can be a real headache, not to mention super costly. Piling all your friends into the car for a few hours could end up being the most enjoyable part of your trip.

A road trip is also a great way to save money, and can also be an awesome way to vacation. Stopping at camp spots along the trip, for instance, takes away the whole cost of lavish hotels and resorts, and really lets you experience the trip on your own terms.

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8. Pack light. Don’t waste your money paying for extra bags on your flight. And if you’re driving, you don’t want to cramp all your extra space with suitcases. How many clothes do you really need on a trip anyway? You should be able to make it through with a few staple items and layering up for the trip.

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It’s important to realize that traveling doesn’t have to be as costly as some people make it out to be. Don’t let others tell you that you are too young and broke to experience the world around you. If you are resourceful and open to new alternatives, it can even be the trip of a lifetime.