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5 Apps to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

We all want to be successful in 2016, but we might need some help getting to where we want to be.

In a twenty-something’s busy life, it can be extremely difficult to stay on track to reach your goals. Between jobs, school and other distractions, trying balance it all on top of working toward something new seems impossible.

The point is: we all want to be successful in 2016, but we might need some help getting to where we want to be.

Being constantly near my phone, I hunted down the best apps that could help me achieve my goals to get a head start on my New Year’s Resolutions.

These free apps are available to make sure you’re following through on the things you want to accomplish next year:

When you’ve pledged to start a new job hunt: Sign up for Levo.

The job search today is not all about being qualified and having the necessary skills, but about knowing people and relating personally to them. Levo connects you with mentors, provides job-searching guides and even hosts local networking events to help you get your foot in the door.

Levo offers two different apps:

1. Levo Thinking Talents App, which gives you a better idea of how your individual talents will help you succeed, including the kinds of roles that are right for you.

2. Levo Resume, the first mobile resume builder with responsive design across all platforms, that provides tips from career experts, recruiters and industry leaders.

When you’re hoping to live a happier, healthier life: Pacifica is perfect for you.

If you’re dealing with anxiety or stress, this self-help app can help.

A group of cognitive behavioral experts, who knew the realities and difficulties of getting traditional mental health help, founded Pacifica because they recognized the stigma, cost, time and other barriers that stand in the way.

Pacifica tracks your mood and shows you trends in what habits improve or worsen your daily life. It also provides you with a diary so you can record your thoughts in a secure space.

Lastly, Pacifica gives your relaxation techniques and tools to manage your feelings to help you meet your goals of living a better, less-anxious life. What’s not to love?

When you really need to start saving more money: Try just Unsplurge.

Unsplurge turns dreams into tangible, visual things you want to purchase and shows you how much they cost along with your progress, making you more motivated to save.

Using the Community feature on the app, you can see what others are trying to save for and get tips on how to achieve your saving goals.

As for daily budgets and day-to-day saving, I’m always a Mint fan, which provides both online and mobile app versions.

Although starting your New Year’s Resolutions on January 1 is symbolic, it doesn’t do you any good if you just wait for another year to come around to make a change.

Start today.

When you have figured out a goal that you want to tackle and you have found reliable tools to help you get there, START!

When 2016 hits, you’ll already be a mile into achieving your goals, which is a pretty great feeling.

Discussion: What apps are you loving lately?

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Rachel Vick

Rachel is UW-Eau Claire graduate with a BA in Mass Communication and PR. She is currently working as an Associate at a PR firm in Minneapolis. Rachel loves adventures, DIY projects, hockey, reading and of course, wedding planning (saying "I Do" in September 2016!). She wants to continue working in PR, and hopefully someday found her own firm or business.

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