20 Little Things: Week 1 Summary.

Well, GenTwenty, what a week its been for me! I had a couple of slips in my goals due to traveling some this weekend (Dr. Pepper became necessary for keeping my conscious while driving) I did pretty well! Now, some of you might be shaking your head, saying that I didn’t meet my goals because I did give into the caffeinated goodness and slept in on Friday. However, one of the most important things while making goals and measuring them is to be ready for upsets! There is nothing worse you can do than set goals without a little ‘oops’ room built in. Why? You get frustrated at yourself and then decide since you’ve broken a perfect goal that there’s no point in continuing on. If this doesn’t sound familiar for you, I promise that it’s a real thing.

How am I feeling after physical wellness improvement?: Really great! I just feel perkier and I’ve been a lot more motivated lately. It’s nice to return to this state of energy, I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

I also missed the gym, which was little surprising for me. While I did two days of cardio and a day of weights, I encourage you all to find something that works for you. Speaking of finding something that works, here’s an article on High Intensity Interval Workouts that I tried and loved. I looked a little spazzy on my elliptical but I just turned my iPod up and tuned the haters out.

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I’ve also really liked getting back to eating better-my favorite recipe this week? This insanely easy meal of salmon and asparagus with some brown rice. I found it using this amazing tool, which lets you find recipes by what you have in your fridge!

So! On two my week two wellness area: Occupational.

Now, I’m a graduate student so I’ll be doing things that are more academically geared-but a lot of my goals for this week are things that I’m sure people in careers are related to as well. My five goals for occupational Wellness are

1.      Staying vigilant about e-mail and planner organization

2.      Staying on top of class reading that is ‘optional’

3.      Setting and working on a schedule for my research

4.      Maintaining clean workspaces

5.      Improving mentorship experiences

How do I feel right now about my occupational wellness? Panicked is the first word that comes to mind. I know that finals are right around the corner and I think I haven’t been pushing myself to succeed in my first semester of graduate school like I should be. I’ve been behind on readings, my inbox is a disaster zone, and my planner seems to always be a week behind. This has caused me to miss out on a huge extra credit opportunity and miss several faculty lectures that I meant to go to. My research is self-paced, so that has naturally fallen behind an ideal timeline. I also haven’t been fostering my mentor relationships as much as I need to-so it’s time to bake some cookies and go say hello. Hopefully, with these changes I can get back on track in time to finish my first semester in grad school with flying colors. I’m already feeling more motivated from my first week of self improvement, so that’s a promising start!

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I hope that if you are making you own goals that they are going well! Please comment below with any tips, tricks, advice, or stumbles that you’ve had in the past with self-improvement!