5 Ways To Start Practicing Gratitude Every Day

Why Does Gratitude Matter? Practicing gratitude leads to a state of being grateful. Which leads to  a positive perspective and an optimistic outlook on life.

Keep it visual.

Put visual reminders to consciously think of what you're grateful for  in a place you'll see them every day. 

Tip #1

I am grateful for my nourishing breakfast.

I am thankful for a good night's sleep last night.

Examples of daily gratitude:

I am thankful for my best friend's text.

Tell people you're thankful.

Saying "thank you" or "I'm grateful for you" is a simple way to bring gratitude from your mind into the physical world.

Tip #2


Don't coast through on autopilot - take time to truly be in the moment on a daily basis. 

Stop, think, breathe

Two mindfulness apps to open instead of social media:

Practice Mindfulness

Tip #3

Practice a gratitude ritual.

Say thank you for three things before a meal or before bed. This makes gratitude as part of your routine.

Tip #4

Keep a gratitude wall where you can see it.

Write down things you're grateful for or hang up pictures of people and things you love!

Tip #5

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