Life is hectic. Life is hard. Life doesn’t always go your way. Sometimes as a twenty-something, it’s easy to lose sight of all the amazing things that are going on in your life. Your twenties are a decade of change. Exciting, wonderful positive change. Between graduations, birthdays, travel plans, jobs, babies, serious significant others, or maybe even spouses, there’s so much to enjoy about this time in your life. Unfortunately sometimes the hard stuff gets in the way. Everyone has had those days or weeks or months where nothing seems to go your way and it becomes easier to just be negative. The gratitude project addresses the problems with being negative and encourages you to make small changes to recognize the good stuff, essentially re-wiring your brain to be positive.

A few months ago the talented blogger L Bee of L Bee and the Money Tree shared a Ted Talk video where Shawn Achor discusses the advantages of being a happier more positive person and how you can get there. He challenged people to try one of these methods: three gratitudes, journaling, exercise, meditation, or random acts of kindness. L Bee challenged herself to complete the three gratitudes by writing down three things she’s thankful each day for 21 days. You can read about her original post here and then week one, week two, and week three. Whether she was grateful for small things like salad that comes in a box or larger things like her career, she took the time each day to recognize and appreciate the joys in her life.

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L Bee recapped the project when she was done and she learned that what Shawn Achor recommended really did help. She noted her mood was better in general, there will always be days that feel like the “worst” of your life and that’s okay, and that she was more inspired than ever before to create successes in life that are meaningful to her.

The power of positivity is real and we all have a lot of positives in our lives that we can be grateful for. Committing to making a real effort to recognize the good in your life and drown out all the negative noise that might be dragging us down and causing much more harm then we realize can help us on the path to gratitude.

So what better time, than right at the start of a fresh new year, to challenge yourself to your own gratitude project. You can commit to the 21 days or just journal about one thing you’ve been grateful for in the past 24 hours, make a commitment to your health (both physically and mentally), or take on a random acts of kindness.

We can pretty much guarantee you’ll be a more positive version of yourself in no time.


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