15 Ways To Fake Being


People aren’t born with true confidence, they work hard at it every single day.

This is about standing up straight, shoulders back, and walking in like no one is watching you when making an entrance anywhere.

Walk in with power.

Make consistent eye contact.

It feels very vulnerable but it is a powerful way to show confidence. Nervous people don’t make good eye contact, and that undermines their confidence.

Don’t be afraid to speak highly about yourself.

Be optimistic.

dress the part.

lose the rbf.

It is a well known fact that any person is more approachable with a smile.

Relax your hands.

Relax your hands, or simply lay them in your lap. Don’t clench them or spend a lot of time fidgeting.

Remember to breathe.

Speak up.



Keep an even pace of breathing.

Use your voice.

Keep a list handy.

Say thank you and move on.


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