20 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day

Did you know that the third Sunday in September is National Women’s Friendship Day? 

That’s right; there’s an entire day set aside for you to celebrate your go-to gals and best friends for life! Here are some ways to celebrate:

Make a brunch reservation for you and a small group of your best gals.

Go shopping with your best friend.

See if your girl gang wants to head outdoors for a hike.

Invite your girls over to cook with you.

Head to your local museum or spend the day museum hopping if that’s your thing.

Consider signing up for a yoga, pilates, spin, or barre class.

Host a themed dinner party and invite your girls.

Spend the day together volunteering for a local organization or charity.

Schedule a full-blown spa day. Sneak in a massage, mani-pedis, and some time in the sauna if you can. To spoil yourselves, book an overnight getaway at a spa.

Make her day with an arts & crafts day-long get together.

Print your favorite photos of you are your best girls and create a scrapbook together.

Head to the bowling alley for a night of laughs, entertainment, and bar snacks!

Learn a new skill together today. You could sign up for a cooking class, dance lesson, or a beginner’s knitting class.

Do a best friend closet swap.

Schedule a best friend photoshoot session. 

Spend the day calling each of your girls to see how they’re doing.

Curl up on the couch, and binge watch chick flicks all day. 

Give gifts to your best girls from women-owned small businesses.

Have a grownup sleepover! 

Opt for a night-in playing your all-time favorite video games together.

Your friendships are important! Celebrate them and tell your people how much you love them.