10 Ways To Build Stronger Friendships in Your 20s

While friendships do tend to become more difficult to maintain as we age, there are absolutely ways to build stronger friendships during our 20s.

Try these fresh GenTwenty  tips to strengthen your friendships!

Schedule routine hangouts. Get into the habit of seeing your friends on a weekly or monthly basis.

Talk goals more than gossip. When you’re with your friends, go light on talking gossip --  too much gossip can become toxic.

Be supportive, even when you disagree. It can prove very challenging to support your friends when you dislike their romantic partner  but do your best.

Don't flake. Follow through when you’ve made plans with friends.

Be honest with your friends. Speak up if you feel like your friend is betraying your trust, ignoring you, or offending you.

Build your friends up. Compliment them, empower them, and boost their confidence.

Don’t be selfish. Relationships often require compromises. It can’t be a one-way street.

Collaborate, don’t compete. Bounce ideas off your friends, whether it’s something as small as a new wardrobe style or something larger like changing careers.

Stay true to your friendship. Life is a journey and we are constantly evolving and changing as we age and grow.

Communicate. Be sure you’re keeping in touch, having strong communication, and always being straight with each other.