25 Things To Do Between Christmas and New Years

The week between Christmas and the New Year can feel like a weird limbo. You might be off work. There’s not too much going on...

1. Rest!

You really do deserve it!

2. Declutter!

Cleaning out your space(s) helps to clear your mind.

3. Write down your goals for the year!

4. Clean out your computer.

5. Get back to nature.

6. Reset your house.

7. Do a deep clean of your house.

8. Make your schedule for January.

9. Clean out the clutter from your desk.

10. Clean out your phone.

11. Organize your photos from the year.

12. Do some holiday planning for next year.

13. Take a moment to look at the big picture. 

14. Clean out your pantry.

15. Do one thing  at a time.

16. Read a book.

17. Write in your journal.

18. Make a vision board.

19.Get organized for the new year. 20. Do self-care. 21. Spend quality time with friends and family. 

22. Tackle a home project.

23. Make a plan  for what you're do differently next year to change your habits.

24. Review your spending from the year.

25. Finish strong.

Whether you’re at work or taking the week off, finish the year strong! Whatever you’re doing, go all in on it.

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