The last time we caught up with Yetti was almost a year ago. She had recently relaunched and rebranded her blog to fit her new interests and voice.

Yetti knows blogging and sharing your uncensored thoughts online comes with its challenges. With another year of blogging under her belt, she’s back today to share with us what she’s learned so far, where she finds inspiration (a common blogger struggle), and a few unexpected benefits of the blogosphere.

Conversations With a Blogger - Yetti SaysG20: How has Yetti Says developed in the past year? How has your writing and voice changed following your rebrand in 2014?

Yetti: Wow, since the last time we spoke, YettiSays has definitely grown a quite bit. I feel as though my audience is more of women my age (mid-twenties), though I do get a few comments and notes from ladies just beginning their journey into the madness that is adulthood.

With the rebrand, I am a lot more free with my words and thoughts I choose to share. I am able to discuss things I would have never been able to do under And So She Writes.

At Ys.Com, there’s no room for people pleasing; there aren’t any filler posts that do not adhere to the mission statement of the blog. It’s pretty much dramatic, passionate, self-aware, sometimes ridiculous, but always phenomenal Yetti from here on out, and it is beyond refreshing.

G20: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to rebrand their blog?

Yetti: Oh man, where do I begin? I think there are two very important things to keep in mind and to plan for when deciding upon rebranding and revamping.

1. Form and create a mission that represents you (the author) and your new blog. It should be something that separates your words from the crowd of blogs. It should be something you and your posts stand by. Not to mention, it the long run, it’ll help you create a guideline for your posts. It sort of like the boundaries that your blog will adhere to, or will not. It keeps you on track and helps to remind you of why you rebranded.

2. You will see changes in your readership. It really is a magical thing when your audience grows with you, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. So brace yourself to lose a few. As previously stated, my readership changed quite a bit. I caught a decent amount of flack for changing up my direction, for being a lot more raw, and using a few more curse words. Granted my blog is a positive blog, but I am now in the business of sharing my hardships, which is not always going to be rainbows and peace signs. But just as I lost a few of my old faithfuls, I gained new ones that understood and enjoyed the new blog.

Simply put: Prepare for the ups and downs of your readers. Your Daily Dose of Vitamin YThe new looks of

G20: What about someone who wants to start a blog?

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Yetti: Do not do it for the fad, the perks, or the fame. Open a blog because you have something to share with the world. Blogs have all of a sudden become all the rage, but not all of them come with substance. Don’t let your blog be one of them.

G20: What are some of your favorite posts you’ve ever written? 

Yetti: Some of my favorite posts have probably been my most vulnerable ones:

I Don’t Believe In Fairytales, But I Believe In Love
Imperfection At It’s Finest
Don’t Ask Me Why I’m Single

And of course, the features from the honest men and women of the Men Say series:

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

G20: Many bloggers and writers come to a point where they struggle to find topics to write about. Where do you find inspiration?

Yetti: Life. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the honest to God truth. When I have feelings and thoughts I can’t seem to resolve, I write about it. If something happens on the way to work that backs up my theories on self-love, women or my other “yettiologies,” I write about it.

And I wouldn’t necessarily call it inspiration, it’s more of a need to share a message, or to story-tell. You can be uninspired and still put together a beautiful piece, especially when it’s based on a strong desire, a random calling to share a message you feel the world needs to hear.

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G20: What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of maintaining a blog?

Yetti: As a blogger, for me, trying to remain true to my voice while pushing societies envelope is tedious. It takes planning. It takes conviction. It takes time. And it takes a whole lot of sacrifices. When I first started blogging on a more serious note, I struggled with what to share. My closest friends and my family members read my blog. I didn’t want to upset anyone while trying to make a point to the world. Not only that, I have to be careful with who I feature in my posts, and what brands I associate my blog with.

I am no longer just blogging; I’m building a foundation. This is my brand and in order for it to thrive and stand out from the masses, my voice cannot be muffled, my stories cannot be censored, and I have to be particular with my image.

G20: Are there any unexpected benefits you’ve encountered from blogging?

Yetti: Hmm, if we’re talking benefits, I will have to say building tough skin has been the ultimate unexpected benefit from blogging. With every nice comment, there is a negative one waiting for you… somewhere. So it’s quite a relief that somewhere along the road I built a barrier against the negativity.

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If we’re referring to opportunities, than there have been a whole bunch! Having G20 invite me back for another interview is one of them. Not necessarily because of the exposure, but simply because features, speaking events, and interviews like these, invite me into the daily routines of others.

My voice becoming of value to another person’s brand, campaign or maybe simply just their life, goes far beyond a compliment. It’s considered an honor.

G20: Other than writing, what are some of your passions and hobbies?

Yetti: I am a Self-Love Advocate and a self-proclaimed positive affirmation queen. Since 2012, I have been knee deep in forming an organization (Certified 10) that combats low self-esteem in women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

This year, we will be launching the “Back To Basics Series” which consists of 3-hour workshop sessions for millennial women trying to get their sense of self-worth back on track. The first event is April 18th and we’ll be combining our love for brunch with the basic things you need to stop deprecating behaviors. I’m hoping it’s a hit. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love being surrounded by amazing women, and a good brunch?!

G20: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Yetti: French Toast. French toast takes me to my happy place, you know, when it’s not increasing my waist and thighs.

G20: Lastly, share with us a few of your blogs and sites.

Yetti: A few of my favorites are: She’s Gotta Write It, Twenties Unscripted, Everything EnJ, Love Darbie, The Greatest Escapist.

For more from Yetti, visit her at and on Twitter.