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Rome may not have been built in a day, but you sure can see Rome in a day. Rome is most definitely one of the top tourist attractions in Italy, and it would probably get a top spot for tourist attractions in all of Europe.

This means Rome is busy, busy, busy, and SO touristy. We had exactly one and a half days in Rome and I’m glad we didn’t have any more time. All of the main things in Rome are within walking or training distance of each other so seeing everything in one day is totally doable.

How to do Rome in one day:

  1. Vatican and Sistine Chapel. This was the first stop on our list and we trained from where we were staying right to the Vatican City. Immediately we were bombarded by people wanting to take us on tours. Travel tip: Ignore them. We ignored all of them and paid a mere seven euros each (approximately 10 CAD and 9.50 USD) to get into The Vatican Museum and I must say it was well worth the money.Unfortunately, we didn’t go into St. Peter’s Square as there we thousands of people watching the Pope speak, so we decided to skip the security and the crowd and just check out the museum.
    Rome 2
  2. Trevi Fountain. We took the train to the Trevi Fountain and I must say it was beautiful, but again SO BUSY. Guard your stuff when you are around these huge tourist attractions. Make sure you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, as if you do the legend holds that you are to return to Rome.
    Rome 1
  3. Colosseum. What an absolutely stunning structure, the magnificent Colosseum will take your breathe away. Take it all in while you are here, looking back in time while are wandering around and enjoying this half-standing work of architecture, and beauty. It’s crazy to think that in 70 AD they were able to build something of this magnitude. A must see.
    Rome 3
  4. The Spanish Steps. Any Lizze McGuire fans out there? Maybe it’s just me. I remember these from The Lizzie McGuire Movie so I made sure to stop by and get a picture. They are remarkable, even though part of them were under a construction while we were there. If you have time, seeing The Spanish Steps is a great way to see Rome.
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After all was said and done, we were exhausted from walking around Rome. We made sure to get some gelato and get our feet up.

Squeezing these four things into one day can be tricky, so be prepared to get up early, and most definitely wear comfortable shoes! Rome is a must at least once in your life, I’m so happy I went, but I’m not sure if I’d ever go back to spend any more time. Oh well, when in Rome!

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Have any Rome tips of your own? Share your secrets with us!