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After my fantastic few days in Iceland I jetted off to London! We were only in London for a few, but we still managed to do quite a but. Disclaimer: London is extremely expensive. I’m glad we were only there for a couple days because we would have broken our budget otherwise. Even though I’m a personal finance blogger, I try not to worry about money on vacation. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I figure that if I’ve saved up all this money to take a once in a lifetime trip then I should absolutely enjoy myself. While London can be expensive, there are definitely more frugal ways to see the city!

1. Walk and take the Tube. Cabs in London are EXPENSIVE, like really really expensive. The Tube is pretty reasonably priced for all the places in the city you can visit.

London - Big Ben

2. Visit Big Ben, Buckingham Palace & The London Eye. These are all free to look at and take pictures of and it wouldn’t be a true London experience if you didn’t take a picture with all of them. We skipped out on Westminster Abby because it was something you had to pay to go into. I’m sure I’ll hit it on my next trip to London, though.

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The London Eye

3. Check out a show. There are a ton of great shows to see in London all varying price ranges, it really just depends what you want to see and what your budget is. If your budget is tight then you may want to opt for day of tickets which won’t guarantee you the best seats in the house but will definitely guarantee you the best bang for your buck!

4. Wander around. This is probably my most favourite thing to do in any city. Our second day we spent wandering and we found a beautiful little garden to have a sparkling beverage in. It’s by far my favourite memory from London, we were just able to sit and enjoy the beauty, it was perfect and budget friendly!


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