Have you heard of Women’s Collective Box? It’s a quarterly subscription box made by women, for women. And it’s filled with products made by women. The Women’s Collective Box Summer 2020 is available now! It sounds amazing, right?! 

I thought so when I came across them on Instagram. It’s basically the subscription box of my dreams. I was thrilled to order my first box and when I reached out, they shared a code for GenTwenty readers: NICOLEB10 to save 10% on your box! 

This box is full of fantastic items for the summer. I can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future. Keep reading to see what’s inside!

Save 10% on your Women’s Collective Box here with code NICOLEB10!

What’s in the Women’s Collective Box Summer 2020

1. The Perfect Blend Bag From Better Farm Co

The first item is a reusable produce bag! I love that this one has a solid, not mesh bottom, to better protect your fruit and veggies as you shop.

I know this bag is going to get a ton of use from me over the years. And I’m so excited to have it! 

2. Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Earrings from Mimi & August

These earrings are just the cutest! There were three designs randomly sent out in the box. I got the coffee mug! My friend got the rainbows. 

I love how cute and quirky these are. Such a fun addition to any outfit! 

Save 10% on your Women’s Collective Box here with code NICOLEB10!

3. Cait & Co Shower Steamer

This shower steamer smells absolutely incredibly! I could smell it through the box and couldn’t wait to open it. I started using it immediately and my bathroom smelled divine.

This product would be amazing as a soap or a lotion – or both! The smell is just so refreshing and heavenly. I would love to have this in my shower every single day.

4. Eye Mask Patches from Soon Skincare

These eye masks were so soothing. They had a good thickness to them and I do like that collagen is included!

This brand was started by two friends who are deeply inspired by Korean skincare. I’m interested to learn more about and try additional products from them in the future. 

Save 10% on your Women’s Collective Box here with code NICOLEB10!

5. Stainless Steel Straw Set from Hali Hali

I love stainless steel straws! They are something I use them multiple times per day. I was thrilled this set came with a small straw too, it’s someting I didn’t even know I was missing in my life! 

The little pouch it comes with is super cute too. I really like the pattern on it. I also appreciate that this set comes with a straw cleaner. It makes it easy to keep the straws clean!

6. Wildflower Tea Towel from Little Korboose

This tea towel is utterly adorable! The wildflower design is perfect for summer. And as my mom always said, you can never have too many tea towels on hand! 

I love that this towel is bigger than your standard tea towel. I plan to use it more in the fall when I start making fresh bread! 

Save 10% on your Women’s Collective Box here with code NICOLEB10!

7. Sunkissed Beach Blanket

This beach blanket is super cozy! Plus it’s also sand-repellent, meaning you can take it to the beach and the sand will come off of it easily. I love the fringe  detail. It seems to make it extra stylish! 

This box is right up my alley and I love everything that came in this box! Are you interested in trying the Women’s Collective Subscription box? 

Save 10% on your Women’s Collective Box here with code NICOLEB10!