Sometimes you hear about those people who messed around with code as a teenager and built terrible websites with glitter graphics. Then by their twenties, they’re actually getting paid to develop websites.

I know people who have learnt to code and how much of an impact it’s had on their lives. This is how it can shape your future, too.

Why Learning To Code Could Change Your Life

1. It can give you a career. 

When a lot of people first start learning to code, they have no idea that it might one day become their full-time job. You might be in this situation right now, thinking that it’ll continue just being a hobby. A part of you might also feel like if it ever did become your day job, then you wouldn’t love it as much.

Maybe you studied a certain subject at college, thinking it was a sensible choice. Maybe people led you to believe there would be loads of job opportunities waiting for you at the end of it. But in reality, this wasn’t the case.

The coding experience you have can go on your resume. This might mean that you can apply for a wide range of jobs that wouldn’t be available to others. But landing that first, entry-level job could kick-start your career and most importantly, make you realize that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

2. It can make it possible for you to work for yourself.

Some people aren’t made for office life, and during my three and a half years of working in an office environment, I realized that I was definitely one of those people. Plus, you’re spending five days a week making money for someone else.

Fortunately, if you learn to code and train to be a web developer, you can work for yourself if you wish. I’m self-employed and while it took me a while to make the leap, it is without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since leaving my office job, I’m so much happier. There are so many benefits to being self-employed. You get to:

  • Be in control of your hours and your schedule
  • Work with inspiring people
  • Have more opportunities to learn and develop your skills
  • Improve your mental health

3. It can change the way you think.

The late Steve Jobs once said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Coding requires you to think about things very logically. Developing is all about problem-solving and breaking problems down into small chunks so that you can put them in a logical order. This type of thinking is a transferable skill that doesn’t just apply to development and programming.

Something else that improves when you code is your attention to detail. Often it will be the smallest issues that will cause an entire website to break, like a missing semicolon or closing tag. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! But fortunately, this is something that develops the more you work with code.

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4. It can make you fall in love with learning.

A lot of people hate formal education and struggle to stick with it. Maybe you never understood the point of exams and the idea of cramming your head with as many facts as possible seemed pointless. It may not be a true indicator of your knowledge or abilities.

As a result of this, learning could become a chore for you. But when you work for yourself, you never stop learning. And there’s a huge difference with this because you’re learning more than ever before, but you’re absorbing what you learn and putting it into practice on a daily basis.

When you do something you love for a career, learning is no longer a chore. It will be something you’re excited about and something you prioritize. The more you learn, the better you become at your job and the more people you can help, which will bring you so much joy.

5. It can demonstrate how self-motivated and driven you are.

To sit down and teach yourself something, whatever that may be, really requires self-motivation and drive.

Someone told me a story once that I want to share with you now. When they first started out in their career, they applied for every job they could. They did this because they had bills to pay and didn’t want to move back in with their parents. One of those jobs was a business analyst role and she managed to get an interview.

She was told at the interview that the reason she had been shortlisted was that she mentioned she had taught herself to code. This really stood out to them, as it demonstrated she was self-motivated and had the ability to teach herself new skills, which are attributes that employers love.

That job had absolutely nothing to do with web development. But her coding skills helped her to stand out from the crowd and showcased personal traits that are often difficult to demonstrate.

6. It can introduce you to amazing people.

The coding community is an amazing one full of really inspiring and helpful people who want you to be the best developer you possibly can be.

When it comes to web development, nobody knows it all. We’re all learning and we’re all trying to keep up in an industry that is constantly evolving. Having such an incredible support system is amazing.