Ok to Cry

Grab your Kleenex ladies and gents; it’s time for a good old-fashioned cry. Ever wanted to let yourself have a good cry but for whatever reason you held back? Tell your tears not to fear! We’re breaking down why it’s actually okay to cry a little (or big) river sometimes.

How about some interesting facts and thoughts about crying first? Women cry more than men. On average, women cry about five times as much per month as men do. Who knows, maybe this is because it would appear that women are more in touch with their emotions than men. In many cultures, crying in general is seen as a sign of weakness or being soft, especially for men. No wonder they tend to cry about once per month on average! Let’s also mention that crying can be a hard thing to let yourself do. Crying can be a way of showing that you’re vulnerable or exposed which can feel terribly uncomfortable, especially when done in front of other people. Seems like crying just all around has a negative connotation to it, huh? Let’s change that!

So, why should you cry? Here are a few reasons why doing a little weeping might do you some good.

It represents a range of emotions. Yes, people cry when they’re sad, embarrassed, hurt, and upset. Yet people also cry when they’re happy. Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried because life, family or your friends were just so incredibly hilarious? What about cried tears of joy because something exciting and unexpected has happened to you? Crying isn’t always negative. Try thinking about it like you would any other expression of emotion. Crying equals communicating.

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It’s good for your eyes. Seriously, biology says so. You need tears to keep your eyes your eyes moisturized so you can see! They also keep your eyes nice and clean by killing unwanted bacteria. Look at that, it’s like a mini tune up for your eye.

It releases stress. Research shows that crying, like exercise, can help lower your stress levels. Working out releases endorphins, feel good chemicals, which create a better mood. Tears, help flush out some of the chemicals associated with stress. Science sure has a lot to say about your tears huh?

Crying feels good. How exhausting does keeping all of your feelings in get? You might decide to allow yourself to cry a little to let your feelings out and the next thing you know it could turn into a full on wailing fest, and you know what? That’s okay. Sure, crying doesn’t necessarily fix problems, but it surely takes a little bit of the pressure off of everything you might be feeling and you’ll probably feel a little better after you’ve let it all out.

Bad things happen. Sometimes crying is just necessary. We humans suffer loss. Crying is a natural way of expressing this. Relationships end, we lose loved ones, we have bad days at work, life simply happens. We all understand heartbreak, loss, and stress. Just be careful not to get so caught up that you can’t pull yourself back together.

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From the sound of it, crying need not seem as awkward and embarrassing as we may feel when we’re doing it. Plus, it always seems fitting when you’re watching The Notebook.

Photo credit: Rachael Tulipano