When you graduate from college, many twenty-somethings tend to treat themselves with a new car. After all, a car is something you need to get you to and from work, because in many cases, twenty-somethings can’t take public transportation in our sprawling society.

When buying a car, there are many things to consider. Some of those things include resale value, current price, safety devices, and let’s face it, comfort and luxury features. Many Americans spend hours per day in their car, so it needs to be something they are comfortable in.

The infographic below shares “Where Style Meets Substance” in the new Scion iA. The automatic version clocks in at $17,600, and the manual (if you know how to drive one — we salute you), is $1,100 dollars less at a cool $16,500. While it may not be the best decision for you financially if you are stuck with a hefty student loan payment, many used cars these days run at about the price of a new car.

The Scion iA is worth taking a look at if you’re in the car buying market. After all, a car is a necessary evil for most of us, and you may as well get the most bang for your buck with a vehicle that offers comfort, luxury, top of the line performance, and a price you can afford.

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Scion iA
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