The world is yours

By now, all of you have probably made your resolutions. You’ve probably broken them, too. Thanks to the winter storm, you have probably stayed inside with copious amounts of hot chocolate. Most of the promises we make to ourselves in the New Year are doomed.  There’s no shame in being reluctant to give up some of your vices, but there are certain things we all need to accomplish this year. I found myself looking back on last year and thinking, “When did I get SO old?” As we get older, we seem to have less time on our hands-it’s true what our parents say.

If you are 22 you are a mere eight years away from 30, which is still young-but to a 22 year old, it is ancient. Although we can’t expect too much, we need to do what we can to make progress over the next 12 months. Before you start panicking, you do have plenty of time to add to your list of accomplishments and here at GenTwenty, we want to help get you on your way. We want you to keep making progress, and we want you to keep walking down the path to greatness.

You need to stop worrying. As somebody who suffers from anxiety, I can attest that it is easier said than done. We need to realign our own perspective: will this matter tomorrow? Will it matter next week? The worst thing to worry about and the most common is money. That’s another thing my parents told me: “Money is the root of all evil.” You will find a way to pay your electricity bill, so don’t panic until you have to.

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Leave the past in the past. Whatever happened last year, let it go. 2013 was a rough ride for a lot of us, and we felt like there was no way to go up. Whatever negativity caused your life to implode, last year probably happened for a reason. Holding on to negativity will ultimately lead you to do things with a bad attitude, and this isn’t going to get you anywhere. Let things go-there’s a serenity that comes with it.

Strive not for perfection, but for more. You don’t have to have your dream job, you don’t have to be your target weight, and you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing because it’s what you think you should do. Imperfections are what enhance our character, and nobody is perfect (even if it looks like it from afar). All you need to do is accomplish something, even the tiniest thing, as long as it’s moving you forward. It’s like if you diet, you can’t just go cold turkey and expect miracles-you’ll panic and decide you hate food altogether. Take it one step at a time, regardless of what your goal is.

Embrace kindness. This is a simple thing we can all do: be kind. Give some change to the homeless or even a coffee. Try to promote the idea of sincere understanding and above all, be supportive to those who might not even deserve it. Being a well-rounded person is going to help you in the long run and it feels good to be nice.

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Also, quit bitching. We all do it, but do not document it online. Everyone is watching so do not give people an excuse to come down on you.

Learn how to network. We all know we should do it, but do we ever get around to it? It can feel slightly awkward to try striking up a conversation with a complete stranger, but keep trying because practice makes perfect, you know. Start off with LinkedIn, and then try attending PR events or workshops relevant to your own career path. If you’re a blogger, network with other bloggers who have similar content or aspirations and take part in blogger chats and events.

Walk around. We need to get out of bed, and step out of our fluffy Bambi pajamas. Seriously, do it right now. We twenty-somethings are more than happy to make a fort with our bedding and hide from the outside world. Get outside, and just go for a walk. The fresh air will make you feel like you’re actually alive and not a dormant shell of a human, hidden in a tomb of giant pillows. Plus, it’s good for you.

We stand little chance against the clock. Time flees from us before we can even notice that the day has come and gone. The most important thing that we want you to do is to find your silver lining. We all have our bad days, and there is the age old question, “why do bad things happen to good people?” Even when you feel glued to rock bottom, and you feel like you can’t move forward, find the light that will keep you going. You’ll find your way, every storm has to end.

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