Big city life

So you’ve finally managed to move out. Out of your family home, out of the town you were born in, and into a whole new life… or so you thought. The boxes may be unpacked and your new adventure started, but somehow, it’s not quite as “adventurous” as you had expected. In fact, things seem downright boring most of the time. The cat sits on his favorite chair and meows his disapproval for spending yet another weekend curled up, watching re-runs on Netflix- alone. This is not what you had expected.

Before your big move, you could hardly contain your excitement; everything in this new place and town would be wonderful and thrilling. You could hardly even imagine all the shenanigans you would get into and the stories that would come of them. Perhaps you’d have a cute neighbor in your new place. Perhaps you’d meet on your move-in day and he would hold the door for you as your carried in your boxes (and definitely did NOT trip or do your usual high-pitched nervous laugh). He would be charming, you would be charming, and sparks would fly among the scattered cat toys and mismatched furniture.

What could be better? All the best friends/neighbors that you would immediately meet, of course. They would inevitably stop by your door to welcome you, bring your favorite snacks, and the group of you would eat take-out in your new living room and bond over everyone’s mutual love for trashy TLC shows and Chili’s chips and salsa. Your job would make you happy, you’d probably get a raise, and your new group of friends would go out on the weekends and always get along. Life would be wonderful.

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Amazingly, that is not at all what happened when you actually moved. The neighbors you actually have met are all elderly and rather unfriendly; you’re still waiting on that promotion at work and the only romantic encounters in your life are the ones you see in Lifetime movies. But even if your new, “exciting” life has turned out to be more routine than riveting, don’t despair; the vast majority of us are in the exact same boat (Drake and Beyoncè are proooobably exceptions, just saying). So when you’re sitting home on a Saturday (again), don’t dwell on it. Instead, make your own adventures. Check out the new, hot restaurant and bar in town, have people over for an impromptu wine-tasting, or pack up and take a weekend trip. Your adventures are going to be what you make them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of doing things alone sometimes; you never know what could happen.