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What I learned from Nick@Nite

Nick at Nite

It has been quite an eventful day! You made a batch of cookies for mom and dad with your Easy-Bake Oven and found some missing pegs to your Lite Brite, so now you can finish that clown pattern you were working so hard on. But now, it’s about time for bed, so you take off your stick on earrings, feed your Tamagotchi pet one more time, and snuggle into that onesie. Before lights out, you have just enough time to turn on the tv and tune into some Nick@ Nite.

For any kid in the 90s, the decade’s mark in history was grand and neon. According to legend, before airwaves consisted of reality TV and 60-minute drama series, there were shows that taught kids lessons about life lightheartedly with care and a sense of humor. Maybe it was the catchy theme songs or the bogus laugh tracks, but we loved these programs and could relate to them in one way or another. So let’s take a trip down memory lane, to reminisce some of Nick@Nite’s most unforgettable series.

Family Matters
“Did I do that?” America’s favorite nerd is considerably the king of Transformation Tuesday. If you recall, Steve Urkel’s alter ego, Stefan Urquelle, was a total hunk. Take away the high-waters and jumbo eyeglasses, and every geek has potential. Most importantly, Steve taught us the beauty of never-ending love and loyalty. He taught us the power of persistence to go after what you want, even when it seems unattainable and others dismiss you.

Boy Meets World
Although it seems strange that Mr. Feeny played every grade school teacher Cory had, even into college, the man was one wise guru. Having a noble and supportive mentor to guide you in life is a rewarding relationship. Whether it is a teacher, a boss, or even a coach, when you find someone that genuinely wants to help you reach your potential and see you grow, recognize that is extraordinary and rare. So respect your elders, because chances are they really do know more than you.

Cartoon babies are much more adventurous than real ones (who tend to just sort of lie there and drool). Rugrats taught us that for every childhood playpen there is a toy screwdriver that can open it. Life without exploration would be really dull. Therefore, hike, travel, play, and beware of girls named Angelica.

Full House
We may not all have an Uncle Jesse or an adorable sister that walks around saying, “You got it, dude,” but Full House taught us the importance of family. In any and all forms of having people to call home shows some serious love. Even though we were anxious to go to college and get away from our parents, it’s nice to know they are always going to be there for you.

Are You Afraid of The Dark?
This was the show that was responsible for the fear of birthday clowns while inevitably necessitating night lights. Some of us still suffer from such nightmare-induced insomnia after watching an episode. Leaving chills down your spine, let’s just say don’t talk to strangers, if you suspect your neighbors are vampires you are probably right, and don’t touch something that doesn’t belong to you. Really, don’t touch it!

We have all struggled with dating and trying to find our lobster or working a dead-end job, not knowing what to do. Not to mention we all wish we had friends like them. But if you ever get married, make sure you say the right name.

Scooby Doo
As Scooby and the gang discovered at the end of every episode, real monsters are humans. Talk about deep! 

Clarissa Explains It All
“Na na na na na.” Clarissa Darling won hearts with her strong, independent attitude and unique fashion sense. Although not all her hairstyles seemed to translate, her message sure did. She owned her girl power identity and would tell it like it was. It can be difficult to keep a level head and high principles, in those coming-of-age hurdles.

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