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“Well, this is awkward:” Dealing with those sticky situations


Awkward situations happen. There is, after all, a whole show on MTV dedicated to it. But, as often as they occur, being in the middle of one doesn’t make things any easier. There are, of course, a great array of awkward situations, and most people react differently to different things. The next four that I’m going to break you into are just common ones that I’ve experienced and my advice on how to get out of them.

  1. You’ve put a dude in the friendzone and he’s trying to convince you otherwise. While I personally think the “friendzone” is simply a way for self-titled “nice guys” to pretend they weren’t friends with you just to get in your pants, turning down someone who asked you out, especially if you were friends beforehand can be pretty awkward. To ward off the awkwardness, stand your ground. Don’t let this “nice guy” convince you he’d make a good boyfriend. If you’re not attracted to him, you’re not attracted to him–there’s nothing you can do about it. And, if he gets too persistent to the point of being kind of creepy, it’s time to cut him out. Because, the truth is, if he was really such a nice guy and your friend, he’d learn to keep his distance.
  2. Your skirt gets sucked up under your bag. This happened to me during the first few weeks of my freshman year at school. My skirt had managed to be completely wedged up under my backpack, revealing my fanny for all the world to see. Needless to say, it was a great way to make a good impression on my university. Fortunately, some girl came up behind me and told me my butt was hanging out, but the walk through some major parts of campus was enough to make it awkward. If this happens to you, as with all embarrassing situations, just own it. Don’t run away and hide, just keep walking with your chin up, smile, and act like you know what’s going on (as my choir director used to tell us). If you run away, you’ll only draw more attention to yourself. Odds are, very few people even noticed, and, if they did, they’ll soon forget about it.
  3. You farted on your first date. A mix of nerves, excitement, and overall madness with going on a first date with someone can put your stomach in knots. When this all moves south, there may be some unfortunate and smelly consequences. If you happen to pass gas on a date, just kind of laugh it off. Despite what society likes to tell everyone, girls actually do fart, and impressively. Laughing it off on date might even liven the mood, since first dates themselves can be rather awkward. Also, your date may be holding in some gas too, trying not to fart in your general direction and is thankful that you did it before he (or she) did.
  4. You didn’t quite hear someone the first, or second, or third time they said something. Whether you were zoned out or the person you were talking to tends to mumble, sometimes things can get lost in verbal communication lines. Instead of smiling and nodding (they may have said something important), just admit your mistake and ask them to repeat themselves. Sure, it might be awkward in the moment, but you won’t feel like you missed something and the person you’re talking to will know that you’re really trying to listen. And, when they do repeat themselves the fourth time, make a point of really listening to what they say.

Just remember that everyone’s human and we’ve all been in awkward situations. By labeling something as awkward, it only makes it more so. But by changing the situations, it can become something much more comfortable. And don’t worry too much the next time a sticky situation comes around, just go ahead and embrace your awkward self.

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