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Are You Wedding Aisle Ready?

Are you ready to get married?  You might not have a definite answer to this right now, but I’m sure you’ve thought it over.  You’ve been in love with your sweetie for years and itch with envy every time you see someone getting engaged on your Facebook news feed (guilty as charged).

Before shouting “yes” to that marriage proposal, take a few moments to consider if you’re truly prepared for this top life event.  Here are some things to consider for the walk down the aisle:

Are you in a committed relationship?

And when we say committed, we really mean it in the literal sense of the word.  Don’t pull a Britney Spears and marry your childhood friend in Vegas for fun.  The truth is if you’re too quick to jump on the marriage train, you’re probably not prepared for the long haul.

Making huge life decisions is tough and requires careful planning. Being in a committed relationship prepares you for a lifelong partnership. If you’re both ready, you’ll know. Like when you can’t imagine life without your partner and you no longer have a sense of reckless abandon. Making the marriage decision will be easier if you are in a serious, long-term and fully committed relationship with your significant other.

How do your finances look?

If you’re still in college, now is probably not the best time to be considering an extravagant wedding. Your student loan debt is accumulating and your part-time job is barely paying for your bills. Looking at your finances is extremely important before deciding to get married. Maybe you’ve already graduated from college and feel “safe” enough to get hitched.

Before doing so, budget out every inch of your life. Together with your boyfriend or girlfriend, make a list of everything you both pay for. This could include student loans, gas, car payments, cell phone and more. Everything adds up, especially with weddings. If you’re not in great shape, start saving and wait it out. Long engagements are completely a-OK!

Be completely honest with your future spouse about your spending habits and financial situation. If you have different opinions about money, it will benefit you in the long-run to talk about it before you get hitched.

Are you emotionally prepared?

Being emotionally in-tune is essential before committing your life to someone else. This also ties in to being in a committed relationship before considering married life. Worried about your maturity level?  Does the thought of being an adult and living on your own scare you?  If you answered yes to either of these, you might want to re-think getting married right away.

Once you get married, things will change. You are merging your two separate lives into one. It’s a big change from dating and living in your own place where it might have been okay to stay out extra late with friends-you now have someone waiting for you to come home.

Too many twenty-somethings jump into marriage and weddings before they are truly ready. Be sure to prepare yourself (and your future spouse) for what lies ahead.

Just because Pinterest makes marriage look easy doesn’t mean that it is. Don’t rush to get married just because your friends are; it’s your life and perfectly fine for the two of you to move at your own pace. Educate yourself, take your time, and when everything falls into place, you’ll be meeting at the end of the aisle, waiting to start your life together.

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Gina Kirby

Gina is a Co-founder of GenTwenty. She graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a B.A. in Communications. She currently works at IKEA as a Social Media Specialist.

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