6 Zero Waste Laundry Strips

What is Zero Waste?  It encourages the consumer to not just reduce/reuse/recycle but to prevent unnecessary creation of resources.  The goal is to send no trash to landfills, the oceans, or incinerators and reduce the consequential pollution of these three things.

What Makes Laundry Strips Zero Waste? Laundry strips are zero waste because they dissolve completely into the water, and the packaging they come in contains no plastic. The cardboard packaging is either recyclable or compostable, so the product never enters the landfill.

These 6 zero waste laundry strips are eco-friendly and people-friendly!

Tru Earth


These eco-friendly laundry strips are available in a fresh linen scent or fragrance free, and they come in packs for 32-loads and are $19.95.


Earth Breeze

These plastic-free laundry sheets are available in either fresh linen scent or fragrance free, and can wash up to 60 loads for $20.

Net Zero 


The Net Zero laundry strips are available in fresh breeze or fragrance-free packs, and each package can wash 32 loads.

The Unscented Co.


These tabs are biodegradable and wrapped in a biodegradable wrapper, contained inside a cardboard box. A 300-count box costs $105 and each tab can wash a load of laundry.

Eco Living Club


A single pack of 40 sheets is $14 and are available as unscented or “spring scent” sheets.



Their sheets are available in three scents: Lavender Vanilla, Magnolia & Lily, and Free & Clear and each box contains 57 sheets.

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