The Best Non-Toxic Cookware For Healthy Eating

What should you avoid in your cookware?

PFOA: Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) Gen X Aluminum Cadmium Lead

So, what are the safest options?

Despite there being many unsafe cookware options available, there are a decent number of safe types of non-toxic cookware to choose from, including...

1. Stainless steel:  Can last a very long time and stand up to a range of uses while being a great non-toxic option. 2. Cast iron:  A very popular choice that last longer than almost any other type of pan when properly cared for.

3. Ceramic-coated:  Popular for it’s ease of use, it’s hard to find truly non-toxic cookware

4. Carbon Steel:  A newer option that has similar properties to a cast iron pan but is more lightweight.

5. 100% Ceramic:  Very versatile choice that is made with a singular material. It’s best for certain types of cooking so not the most practical all around choice.

Pros and Cons of The Safe Cookware Options

 Pros: scratch-resistant and durable. Con: Learning curve to use properly.

S T A I N L E S S  S S T E E L

C A S T  I R O N

Pros: Extremely durable and non-stick when seasoned properly. Cons: Heavy and has a learning curve.

Pros: Easy to clean and need less oil/butter! Cons: Can't use metal utensils and can't cook over high heat.


The Best Non-Toxic Cookware

Caraway Cookware (Non-Stick Ceramic)

The Best Non-Toxic Cookware

Using non-toxic cookware is important because you are ingesting whatever chemicals are in your cookware every time you eat.