4 Takeaways From The High Five Habit

As soon as you wake up go to your mirror and give yourself a high five.

The High Five Habit is very simple. 

The Most Important Person You Need To Cheer For Is Yourself


By not trying to be our own cheerleader, we will only continue to be our worst enemy.

Your Mind Isn’t In Control Of You, You Are In Control Of Your Mind


- Mel Robbins

“You can teach your mind to find things you WANT to see, things that elevate and support you, that make you feel happier and proud, things that lead you to your dreams.”

Jealousy & Guilt Can Be Good Things


Productive Guilt

When your guilt helps you realize how you impact others. It makes you want to change. This guilt is good because you are kindly reminding yourself to change things up.

Destructive Guilt

Destructive guilt happens when you blame yourself and put yourself down. This type of guilt helps no one, so it’s best not to get yourself to that point if you want to grow.

Visualization Only Works When You Visualize The Small


You can’t just visualize paying off all your student loans. Instead you have to visualize yourself driving past the fast food restaurant and putting that money in savings.