How to Find a Job in Another State

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving for love, relocating for school, or are succumbing to the magnetic force pulling you towards the Pacific Ocean. Snagging a new job from afar is tricky business.

Looking for a new job in a new city? Here's what to do first...


Update Your Resume

Briefly mention in your cover letter or objective statement that you are relocating from City A to City B. Provide your current address if you want, but it’s not necessary unless you’re applying for a federal job.

You can use LinkedIn to search for people in your industry that live in your new city. Connect with your college's alumni groups to pursue opportunities.

Expand Your Network

Most universities keep an updated website with their alumni association information; check yours out and see if you can find contact info for them.

Reach Out To Alumni

Stay Organized

Make a spreadsheet and include potential employers, and relevant attributes like salary (or salary range), link to the job posting, application status, and location.

When it comes to your salary, do research on what comparable positions in your new area make.

Manage Your Expectations