22 Goals  To Set In  2022:  Goal Ideas  For Growth

Many of these are goals that you’ll need to be realistic in your timeline with using SMART goals or another goal setting method.

But first:

We prefer goals over new year’s resolutions.

And also...

You're more likely to stay committed to a goal over a resolution.

1. Upgrade something you’ve been needing to for a long time.

2. Do something nice for yourself every day.

Something nice for yourself could be something small like buying high quality coffee for your morning cup. Going on a long walk. Budgeting extra to treat yourself to something. Cleaning your kitchen top to bottom.

3. Invest time in something you enjoy doing.

My biggest hobby is reading.

4. Commit to exercise.

5. Keep a plant alive for an entire year.

6. Don’t be passive, be active.

7. Delete the Instagram app  from your phone.

8. Pay off a debt.

9. Go somewhere new.

10. Donate to a cause you care about.

11. Make some  non-toxic swaps.

12. Be more creative.

13. Make a  capsule wardrobe.

14. Shop consciously.

15. Shop with more small businesses.

16. Use affirmations.

17. Set a goal you're scared to achieve.

18. Invest in good bedding.

19. Change a bad habit. 20. Don't watch TV. 21. Think about what you truly want in life.

22. Stop living life for your fantasy self.

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I hope this list of goals inspires you to be embrace who you truly are in 2022. Set the right goals and reach them, but stay true to yourself for the best year yet.

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