Be a Goal-Getter:  Going All-In On Your Goals


Whatever your goals and ambitions include, there are always steps to get you there. Smaller pieces of big goals have the largest impact. Whatever it may be, it’s attainable. Nothing in this world is impossible, so do what you want and don’t look back.

Ask questions and define what it is you’re really after: – Do you have the means of achieving that goal? – What do you need to accomplish in order to reach that goal? – What outside noise is stopping you? How can you eliminate it? – How will you measure success?

1. Make a list.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from your life and look at it from a different view, to filter out all the nonsense. List what matters most and focus on that.

2. Prioritize.


Educate yourself on the field, topic or place you’re trying to reach. The more you learn about it, the better you’ll be at it. To do: Schedule a block of 45 minutes everyday to spend time within your goals. Spend 15 minutes identifying the latest blog posts, research trends, podcasts, etc. Spend another 30 minutes learning from these resources.

3. Research.


Traveling releases an inner peace and makes even the most energetic person humble. You don’t realize how small you are until you see how big the world is.

4. Travel.


Always keep the faith. It’s important you stay motivated and don’t lose sight of what’s important to you. It’s easy to slack off, forget where you’re going or even lose all interest. It’s okay to change your plans and develop new goals but it’s also important to maintain your motivation.

5. Keep yourself motivated.


Create your own good karma by releasing your positive energy and sharing it with others. I think you’ll realize how much better use of your time that is than constantly worrying about yourself.

6. Motivate others.


Always believe in your talents, your mind, and your purpose. Don’t talk negatively about yourself or say you can’t do something because you’re scared. There’s no point in going all in on your goals when you aren’t even sure if you can do it in the first place. Which each new step in reaching your goals, honor how far you’ve come and reflect on the obstacles you’ve encountered along the way.

7. Believe in yourself.


As long as you have the right goals in mind, with a guaranteed outcome of making your life better, then just know you’ll get there eventually. Set personal goals and aim high. 

8. Take it one step at a time.


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