50 Ways To Refresh Your Home For Cheap

2. Buy a small bouquet or fresh flowers every other week.

3. Hang an artistic calendar from a local artist.

4. Hang your jewelry up as art.

1. Light a different candle in each room of your home.

6. Or hang photos of plants instead.

7. Treat yourself to a pretty mug or two.

8. Display your books creatively.

5. Place fresh (or fake) plants to put around your space.

10. Swap out your throw pillows.

11. Pick out different textures and designs for blankets and pillows.

12. Display your most-worn jewelry on your dresser or night stand.

9. Create mini themed gallery walls in different areas or rooms.

14. Change out your drawer pulls.

15. Display your favorite fashion pieces on a clothing rack.

16. Use a cute letter holder to hold your notebooks and devices.

13. Spray paint a lamp for a pop of color.

18. Display your prettiest and/or most-reached for makeup on a mirrored display.

19. Switch out your warm-toned light for cool or white lighting for more natural lighting.

20. Create an at-home bar cart.

17. Invite your friends over for a homemade wine-and-design night to decorate your place.

22. Frame scrapbook paper as part of your gallery wall to set the mood for your space.

23. Put a plant in your bathroom for a spa-like feel.

24. Create a coffee table out of books.

21. Use candle holders and stands to elevate the light in your space.

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