2. Shop small with businesses.

3. Set a big financial goal you don’t think you can reach.

4. Make rest part of your daily life.

1. Make your home your sanctuary.

6. Pursue your dream career or hobby.

7. Read more books that interest you.

8. Keep a plant alive for an entire year.

5. Have “treat yourself” as a line item in your budget.

10. Take your side hustle to the next level.

11. Send more snail mail.

12. Journal.

9. Take on a fitness challenge.

14. Negotiate a bill.

15. Explore your town.

16. Declutter your house room by room.

13. Make new connections.

18. Get into a cleaning routine.

19. Donate to a cause you care about on a regular basis.

20. Have a set bed time.

17. Wake up earlier.

21. Get creative in a new way.

I hope these ideas inspire you to dream bigger.

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