Technology is everywhere in our daily lives. From paying bills online, to shopping for gifts, to finding a hairdresser, to organizing any life event, technology connects us to almost everything. So why not try to reduce stress using technology?

Our professional lives are also dominated by technology, with most relying on it to a greater or lesser extent. With our lives surrounded by technology for practical reasons, it is important to also use it to relax, chill out, and even socialize with friends.

As well as having practical uses for work and managing the day to day pressures, technology plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing. Our laptops, televisions and cell phones are developing new features every year, and there are now apps and platforms available at our fingers. With its advancements, technology is fast becoming a useful platform for alleviating stress.

5 Ways To Reduce Stress Using Technology

Wearable Technology

For those who often struggle with common stress or anxiety, it can help to always have something on you designed to alleviate these emotions.

There are hundreds of different products on the market to help track, monitor and address stress. Ranging from wearables that help identify the triggers of stress to enable wearers to avoid or resolve them. These then help create personalized plans for exercising and meditation.

There are also physical activity tracking devices, like the Apple Watch and FitBit, that as well as logging exercise done can also help with relaxation through guided mindful breathing when heart rate changes.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a very popular way to reduce stress. As of 2020, there are over 2.5 billion active gamers worldwide, ranging from hardcore gamers logging hours per day online on networked games like Fortnite and World of WarCraft, to the most casual gamer playing highly addictive puzzle games for a few minutes here and there.

Any type of game can be relaxing, helping individuals refocus, disconnect from the pressures of daily life, and engage with other users, whether friends or strangers, using the different social features including chat, voice, forums, in-game chat and private messages. For some, online gambling is an enjoyable way to wind down and put aside the stress of the day.

Online casinos have gone from strength to strength over the last decade or so with the development of the smart phone. Bricks and mortar casinos were once only attended by hard core gamblers who had to take the time to go to a physical casino and dedicate a certain amount of time to the endeavor. Online gambling is a more relaxing pastime, the anticipation of a big win and the ability to refocus your mind away from work, without having to get dressed up and go to a venue, is a huge attraction.

The developments in technology have made online casinos accessible to a larger demographic, they are now available to those who have a busy lifestyle. In 2019, 888 Casino were named Casino Operator of the Year at the EGR Awards in London, this was due to how they have personalized the experience for each player, ensuring they are met with optimal gamifications, making their online casino experience very rewarding. 

Social Media

Social Media can be used as a good way to connect with friends and family, or even strangers with similar interests. Using sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to connect to others can be beneficial to mental health, as it can help you feel socially active.

When using social media, it’s important to know your boundaries. Rather than spending hours scrolling through other peoples’ photos and comparing yourself to them, try to make sure you only use social media as a tool to better connect with those you care about and have things in common with. When used properly, it can provide a source of support.

Lifestyle Tech

Not to be underestimated, this is the technology that passively support us in our daily life and does not require active engagement to reap the stress minimizing benefits.

For example, a smart fridge that varies temperature based on how full it is reducing the amount of food waste, and the robot vacuum cleaner that reduces the amount of time spent cleaning all have stress-reducing benefits. There are even composting containers made for small apartment living. 

Video Streaming

As technology has developed, people are increasingly able to watch what they want, when they want. The sheer variety available, often without adverts, means that it is easy to settle down to a night in front of the telly binge watching a series, or watching a film.

The technology used by companies like Netflix has developed over time, from offering disks delivered to their customers and waiting lists to receive the most popular titles, through to creating their own shows, streamed instantly to hundreds of thousands of viewers at any one point.

Technology has become so prevalent in our lives and can be intrusive and controlling in some respects, with work emails coming through to mobile phones at all hours of the day, with the ability to be contacted at any point and all sorts of geo-location tracking making it difficult to disconnect.

However, it must be noted that for the most part, developments in technology have proven beneficial. In daily life, technology helps with making work more efficient, journey planning, shopping and organizing the home. From a relaxation point of view, technology allows for guided and supported medication, wearable technology to improve health and wellbeing, social media to help remain connected, streaming services to watch what we want, when we want, as well as allowing for fun and relaxing online games and betting.