Don't leave your LinkedIn strategy to chance during your job hunt. Are you using these features?

Your LinkedIn profile is your online résumé, and with proper maintenance, it can revolutionize the way you job hunt — you’ll find that it does the heavy lifting for you.

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your personal brand in a dynamic and creative way. You can frame your skills, educational background, work history, and volunteer experience in a way that positions you as an industry expert (yes, even as a recent college grad. It’s all about transferrable skills!)

Pay special attention to your title, headline, and summary. You want these sections in particular to catch the eye of potential employers, and paint a clear picture of who you are and what you can bring to the table.

As you fill out your educational background and work experience, remember to use industry-specific keywords and phrases. When you come across job descriptions that you like, borrow some of their phrasing and use it in terms of your own experience.

Unlike a normal résumé, your LinkedIn page is dynamic, and you can edit it as often as you like. Experiment with different keywords, and see which ones bring you up in more search results.

Once you have a polished and professional LinkedIn profile, it’s time to make it work for you.

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10 ways your newly revamped LinkedIn profile can revolutionize the way you job hunt:

    1. Build out your portfolio. Attach materials for important group projects, and link your group members to them. This allows you to demonstrate your ability to be a team-player, and shows you are capable of collaboration.
    2. Add more connections. Think of everyone you’ve worked with in the last couple years, including friends, classmates, and professors. You’ll be surprised at how many people accept your request and are eager to stay in touch with you.
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    3. Endorse your connections. And endorse them often. Help them build credibility on their skills, and they’re likely to return the favor. Plus, every touch point you have with a connection is an opportunity for them to click on your profile and see what’s new.
    4. Post frequent updates about the industry you are involved in. This will help you start building credibility as an industry expert, and shows how much you care about your industry.
    5. Publish long-form posts. Have a lot to say on a topic? Posts allow you to speak a little more freely than updates, in long-form. They also stay on your profile, whereas your updates disappear in the news feed after they circulate for a couple days.
    6. Let everyone know that you are job hunting. Put it in your headline, publish an update about it, and mention it in conversations with your connections. See what companies people are working for – they may be able to make referrals for you or know about a position that hasn’t been posted publicly.
    7. Follow the companies you’re interested in working for. Keep up with their job openings, and apply right through LinkedIn. This is also a great way to stay up on company news, especially when it comes time to prepare for the interview.
    8. Use LinkedIn’s “advanced” features to discover people who work there. Ideally, you’re looking for people that are in similar roles to what you are looking for, that would either be the person that would hire you, or one of your coworkers if you were to get the role. Send them a connection request with a personalized message, you’ll help them put a face to a name and they’ll be more likely to accept your request. Don’t just blindly send invites to people you don’t know, and never send someone a request with the generic message that LinkedIn automatically fills in for you.
    9. Click through the profiles of other successful people in the industry. As I said before, every touch point with a connection (or potential connection) is an opportunity for them to click your profile and see everything you’ve worked so hard to build.
    10. Download the app on your phone, and check in at least once a day. You want to be doing each of these things on a consistent basis. The easiest way to maintain steady LinkedIn activity is to set aside at least ten minutes a day to check in with your connections and see if there’s any news you can share with them.
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LinkedIn can appear intimidating for first-time users. Take it one step at a time: spend one day working on your title and headline, the next on your summary, and so on.

Then, establish a daily check-in routine and let your newly revamped LinkedIn profile do the rest of the work for you!