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Today I’m so thrilled to share a new product I found recently that is changing my smoothie game!! I’ve shared my love of smoothies and wellness products in the past and when I heard of this cool product, I just had to try it for myself. Keep reading for my full Vejo review.

So what is it you ask? Well it’s called Vejo (pronounced VAY-oh) and it’s a portable, rechargeable pod-based blender that’s easy to clean, easy to take with you, and full of delicious, nutrient-rich goodness! Yes, it really is that wonderful!

On top of the blenders, they also sell pods that are made specifically for the blenders. And all of the ingredients Vejo uses are organic. Not all smoothie options on the market give this option so I really appreciate that Vejo makes the effort to have organic ingredients.

Vejo was kind enough to send over the starter kit and I’m here to share my Vejo review with you! 

After testing the product for a few weeks, I have to say what I’ve liked most about Vejo is the convenience factor. It’s quick to make the blends and clean the blender and I take my nutrients with me (it’s also TSA approved so it can travel on planes). 

I’ve been using my Vejo blends to replace my afternoon coffee. I’m trying to cut back on my caffeine consumption and  love that with Vejo I can replace it with something doing great things for my body. I love that I’m getting in many extra nutrients in my day. They also offer a bunch of different blends — everything from pre-workout to immune support to cold brew coffee to sleep blends — so there’s something for everyone and all types of lifestyles.  

As a busy work-from-home mom, I absolutely love how easy Vejo has made getting in extra nutrients in my day. While I haven’t tried a blend I don’t like, My favorite blend so far is Piña Greens. It has mango, banana, pineapple, and spinach in it as is packed full of vitamin C and folate. My toddler even shares this one with me so you know it’s good.

I also really like the Banana Almond blend! Mix it with almond milk and it tastes just like banana bread. Perfect for when you want something sweet!

About Vejo

So, how does this all work? Let me explain!

Vejo pods contain a mix of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that a picked at their peak ripeness and then are immediately freeze-dried into a powder. They also contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, and all have less than 100 calories.

As a bonus, and something we really appreciate at GenTwenty, is that the pods are biodegradable and decompose naturally. This helps to eliminate the waste we are putting back into our environment.

Pricing of the pods varies (and you get discounts if you set up a subscription!), but from what I can see, they vary somewhere between $2-$3.50 per serving. You can see individual pricing on the product information pages to get a better idea of what your pricing would be. So while I do see these pods as a bit of an investment, they are definitely cheaper than other subscriptions that I have seen. Plus they have a fabulous selection of unique blends that support overall wellness, immune function, as well as other lifestyle choices like pre-workout and even cold brew coffee.

I’ll share how to use the blender in a minute, but I want to point out that the blends are mixed with cold water (sometimes they recommend a nut milk with like the Banana Almond flavor).

The App

Like all smart devices, Vejo of course has an app, too! I have not personally downloaded the app yet but it has a lot of great features and makes reordering your pods super easy. 

How To Use Vejo

Using the Vejo blender is quite simple! You’ll need to charge it before the first use, though. A charge lasts for around 30 blends which means if you have one a day, you only need to charge your blender about once a month. Which is fabulous for me because I forget to even charge my phone sometimes. 😅

  1. First you’ll want to pick out your pod and then prepare if for loading into the blender. It takes a couple second but I recommend giving it a little shake to loosen it up – I’ve found it blends more smoothly this way. 
  2. Then fill your blender up to the fill line with your liquid. Most most pods recommend cold water but some suggest nut milks as an alternative.
  3. Then load your pod in, and give the lid a nice solid twist until it clicks into place. The blender will then start to work automatically! 
  4. Wait 30 seconds while your smoothie blends.
  5. Then take the lid off, remove the pod, and enjoy! 

It really is that simple to use the blender! And just in case you were wondering, cleaning the blender is easy too! A drop of soap along with some water and the included cleaning brush has the blender clean in just a few seconds. 

vejo review

Is Vejo For You? My Vejo Review and Thoughts

There are a couple of things I want to make note of when it comes to Vejo to help you make your decision of whether or not it’s for you! 

First of all, I see the Vejo blends as more of an addition and a supplement to my diet. I don’t think they are meant for meal replacements, personally. In my experience, I’ve found them to be more of a liquid, juice consistency instead of a thick smoothie. I actually quite like the texture of he

Many of them are pretty low-calorie like the Collagen Glow Watermelon Fresca – it has 40 calories but is packed full of collagen, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, biotin, and Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of red wine grapes that helps provide protection from free radicals. 

If you are looking for something to get in extra nutrients and replace your afternoon coffee or to have along with a meal, I think you will absolutely love Vejo!

The only issue I’ve found with Vejo is that because the ingredients are freeze-dried they can sometimes stick together and not blend properly. I’ve only had this issue once and it is something Vejo is aware of. So if it does happen to your pods, you can reach out to their customer service and they will happily send you replacement pods at no charge! I think that is awesome so you’re not feeling like your money has been wasted. I love great customer service! 

vejo review

So you want it but what should you get?

Great question! I think the Starter Kit is the way to go personally. You get to pick your color blender (they have  nine to choose from) and you get eight blends to try and start with! It also includes my favorite, Piña Greens, so you’ll get to try that! 

Collagen Glow Starter Kit

As of publishing this post, they are also running a fabulous deal for new customers. With the Collagen Glow Starter Kit you  get a Vejo blender + charger + 16 blends for $99!! This saves you $30 over the regular starter kit.

So if you’re interested in trying it out, I would definitely recommend one of the starter kits – they are the best value in my opinion. 

I’m also really liking the Collagen Glow Watermelon Fresca flavor. It’s so great for summer! I’m new to the collagen game but after hearing about it for awhile, I’m thrilled to be consuming something so great for my skin this way. I definitely suggest giving them a try! 

I hope you have enjoy reading my Vejo review! After trying it myself, I can’t sing enough good praise about this company and this product! As a bonus, if you don’t like it they have a great return policy so it’s low-risk investment in your health.

vejo review