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4 Ways to Make Yourself More Valuable for a Promotion

This post is featured on behalf of Stacey White.

Employees can agree on one thing – they want a promotion. More money, more responsibility and better job security are three reasons the competition is fierce. Sadly, applying for a promotion and securing one are two separate tasks.

Every day, a worker asks for job betterment of some description and gets rejected. It isn’t hard to see why people think getting promoted is almost impossible. But, where there is a will, there’s a way, and below are the ways to get noticed at work.

These are the secrets to career progression.

1. Do A Good Job

Scratch that – do an excellent job. Sure, some unqualified people somehow land a position. Chances are it’s by knowing the right people at the right time. That said, you still need to do your best work. 

Focus on hitting your targets. The harder you work for the company, the better it will reflect on your management credentials. Whether you believe it or not, promotion candidates are chosen on ability first. If you’re not making waves, you won’t be in the frame.

2. Don’t Miss Work

Employers might not be able to fire you for being ill, but they can use your absence rate in other ways. One is to determine whether you deserve a promotion or not.

Companies can decide to omit you from the list simply because of a couple of days off per year, and it’s legal. To them, it’s a sign that you are not trustworthy enough to hold a position of power. If you’re not in the office, how can you lead a team? Whether you agree or not, it’s essential to be in the office during work hours and to be punctual.

3. Go Back To School

It isn’t only you who will apply for a position. Tens, maybe even hundreds of your colleagues will do the same. Then, there are the external candidates who fancy a crack at the role. The fact is you have to stand out from the crowd if you want management to take your application seriously.

Going back to school is one of the best ways to make people sit up and notice. It shows a willingness to learn and improve. Consider a nursing position, for example. Taking your knowledge to the next level in such a curriculum as the Carson-Newman University online RN to BSN program proves your ambition.

Even as a qualified professional, you still understand the power of knowledge. Plus, it shows you have a lot of drive, and employees love to see that in their workers.

4. Use Your Leverage

Are you an integral member of the team? Can anyone else do your job to the same standard? If the answer is no, you can take a leaf from a Harvard University Online business management course and establish your worth.

Using your desirability to other companies will demonstrate your value to your current employer. If they think you are going to jump ship, they will attempt to keep you on the payroll.

Positioning yourself for a promotion takes time and consistently improving the quality of your work. We believe in you.

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