The Ultimate Guide to TwentySomething Life by After College

One of the most difficult seasons of your twenties is the transition from college to the adult world. No longer are you days structured around classes and your part-time job. It’s time for you to wake up at the crack of dawn and head to your 9-5. As you know, though, going to work is only one aspect of that. Managing everything else that comes with your new life is a challenge all it’s own.

The gurus at After College have put together a new ebook called “The Ultimate Guide to TwentySomething Life.” Their guide is comprised of content found on the After College blog pulled together for you in a handy ebook.

The book clocks in at just over 200 pages, and their chapters cover Making the Most of Your Twenties, Wins & Fails, Getting Settled & Daily Life, Money, Relationships, Career, Your Alma Mater, Grad School, and Business School–all  typical components of twenty-something lie.

Naturally, you won’t need to read every section. Some of them might apply to you while others couldn’t be further from your plans (sorry, business school). But, before you brush it off completely, there are some great nuggets of advice tucked into these pages that just might help you where you’re at right now.

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Five must-read chapters, regardless of where you’re at in your twenties:

1. A Few Failures From My Twenties, And What They Taught Me by Melissa Suzuno

The best part about this chapter is how Melissa lays her mistakes out for us to see. It’s not easy to share your personal failures, but when you do that, you create something memorable. My biggest takeaway? Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary.

2. 4 Hidden Costs of Starting Your New Life as a Recent Grad by Shane Zackery

If you thought your college tuition was exorbitant, you’ll probably have tears in your eyes after you make your first rent payment. But adult life comes with more expenses than rent, utilities, and groceries. Have you thought about how much is costs to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding? Typically around $1,000… though that number could double or triple depending on travel expenses, the brides’ taste, and your responsibilities for the wedding party. Yikes.

3. Time Travel and the Best Early Career Advice We’ve Ever Heard by Kellen McKillop

The best career advice I’ve ever heard comes from people who are seasoned professionals and actually remember what it’s like to be new to a field.

They’ve seen others succeed and they’ve seen others fail. They’ve had their own successes and they’ve had catastrophic failures. But they survived, adapted, and moved on. This chapter brings you career advice from professionals who have at least a few years of experience under their belt–something most of us are still working on. You can take their advice and consider it to help you get a head start on your career.

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The Ultimate Guide to Twentysomething Life

4. How to Make Your Twenties Count by Kellen McKillop

This chapter is heavily based on Dr. Meg Jay’s TED Talk – Why 20 Is Not the New 30. At GenTwenty, we know your twenties matter. Perhaps more than any other decade. They go on to discuss identity capital (here are 51 Ways to Build It).

5. Joining Your Alumni Association Can Help Your Career—Here’s How by Adam Levenson 

One of the biggest secrets to building a large network is connecting with alumni from your university. We’ve also tapped into this secret and how to use it to your advantage in our Guide to College Success. In this chapter, Adam Levenson shared how connecting with his local alumni chapter made him feel more at home in his new city, gain valuable career experience, and land himself a new job. Seriously–the alumni community is where it’s at.

Overall “The Ultimate Guide to TwentySomething Life” is quick read full of personal anecdotes, lessons to learn from, and practical advice for the first few years of your life out of college.

Curious to know what else the After College team has to share? You can find the “The Ultimate Guide to TwentySomething Life” on their website.

This post is written and  shared in collaboration with After College. You can read their review of GenTwenty’s Guide to College Success here.