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Twenty-something wisdom: Making these moments count


Being a twenty-something presents us with myriad obligations. Between enrolling ourselves in college courses, solidifying a career, developing mature relationships, and tapping into our life passions, we are far busier than we would often like to be. Knowing this, it can be difficult to make the most of our moments. We often fall into the predictable routine of meeting deadlines, overcoming obstacles, and pressing on in order to achieve our goals. As conventional as this may appear though, there are ways we can learn to avoid falling victim to foresight. It is critical we combat missing the moments and opportunities right in front of us. Our twenties should be dedicated to seizing the moment and paving the way into the rest of adulthood! Why should we miss out on the best and most important years of our lives? We shouldn’t. Instead, we all need to make our moments count, even if only just a tad more.

Be in the now. There is something desirable about planning for the future. Whether it’s a notion ingrained in our heads as youngsters, or perhaps a personal choice to make long-term goals, we are led to believe our futures are the most important time of our lives. Though there is a reasonable measure of truth to this, technically the now is the future you were planning for in the past. Enjoy this moment. Seize today by making your moments count now.

Meet deadlines. Being in the now often comes with meeting the goals and deadlines you have set for yourself. Perhaps for you this means working on that school project before the due date sneaks up on you. Maybe it requires you to address your short-term goals sooner than you expected. Whatever situation you might be in, be sure you are setting realistic goals for yourself and stick to them.

I can speak from experience on this particular suggestion. As a student, part-time employee, commuter, intern, and writer, meeting deadlines isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. In addition to attending school full-time, working thirty hours per week, writing for GenTwenty, and commuting an average of twelve hours per week, I carved out time in my schedule to still write. Take it from a newly published author: you learn to make time. We all have deadlines, and although it feels like we cannot accomplish everything we set out to do, we really can. It’s all about time management, planning, and a hearty dose of confidence! If you are passionate enough about something, just as I am about being a novelist, you make the time to meet deadlines and stick to a structured regimen. Does this mean you miss out on moments? Not at all! Rather, this allows you to make things happen in the now.

Be aware of your surroundings. Where are you in life? Living at home? Renting an apartment with friends? Perusing the housing market for your first home? Graduating college? Searching for a career? Wherever you are, you’re likely in a state of transition. Most twenty-somethings are, so don’t fret. Bask in the fear of the unknown. Yes, it’s terrifying. The curtain of college debt is equally scary as the prospect of settling down. Yet, be aware of your position. Wherever you are—right now, in this moment—own it. Make this moment count, because you’re going to be sorry if you miss it.

Twenty-somethings, it’s entirely normal to feel a bit uncertain. We all have moments of doubt, but we should all take some time to embrace them. It’s okay to be in fear of what’s to come. It’s normal that you’re struggling to meet deadlines and project your adult life. Rather than stress too much, though, take a deep breath and understand this twenty-something wisdom: all of your moments count. The good ones, bad ones, happy and sad ones. It’s about sifting through the darkness to find the light. Carpe diem, twenty-something. Seize the day.

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Rachael Warren (Tulipano)

Rachael is a University of Southern Maine graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Sociology. She remotely works full-time as a Senior Content Marketing Specialist for Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. In her leisure time, Rachael enjoys traveling with her husband, finding the next Netflix series to binge, and taking too many photos of her dogs Jax and Kai. Rachael is obsessed with chapstick, favors the Oxford comma, and is a proud Mainer. You'll likely find her exploring New England + beyond.

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