What's Your Sun Sign?

This month’s Dating Disaster is about my friend Robyn. Robyn is tall, beautiful, and super funny. She decided to give online dating a chance because when you live in Los Angeles, the pick of guys in bars are limited to wannabe actors, wannabe producers, and straight up posers…. which pretty much forces everyone to try online dating.

Robyn started talking to a guy who was really cute. I guess he had that hipster vibe that she liked. After a couple weeks of talking online and texting back and forth, they finally decided to meet up in person. She was ready to finally meet this guy who seemed so cool from their conversations. They picked a time and place to meet later that week.

When Robyn got to the Hollywood bar they picked, she spotted him right away, smiled and walked over to him. He politely got up and gave her an awkward hug and said, “Look I know you are nice, but seeing you in person I just don’t think this is going to work out.” She was a little taken back by the comment and was ready to hightail it out of there when he proceeded to say, “But I think we could be friends and I really want to read your cards. Would you still like to get a drink and I can read them for you?”

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She wasn’t sure what to make of it. For one, he was clearly was not into her. And two, she thought it was weird he just carried tarot cards around with him, especially on a date. Even still, she agreed and he spent the next 30 minutes giving her a full tarot card reading. Fortunately for her, he gave her a good reading. It would have made it even worse to have a bad reading. After he was done with her, he asked if she wanted to do his cards.

Again, reluctantly she said yes, and the first card she pulled of him was the “Devil” card. That is when she immediately freaked out. So over the situation, she finished pulling his cards and left after she finished her drink. They have not spoken since. Which is probably for the best because even he was a little to “LA” for her to deal with.

The sad thing is this wasn’t even her worst date. She did appreciate his honestly about his attraction to her, even though no one actually wants to hear that when they first meet their online date face to face. But if she was being honest she wasn’t really that attracted to him when she saw him either. It did take the pressure off just having a drink since they both knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

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Him having tarot cards with him to do a reading for her was the odd part… who just carries that stuff around with them? That was definitely the first I had ever heard of it. Not all people believe in tarot readings.

Sometimes it good to stick to the basics on a first date especially when you don’t really know the other person.

Have any of you ever had a guy/girl pull out something weird on a first date?