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5 Tips To Take Your Home Office Design to the Next Level

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more and more people were already beginning to work from home. Whether you are a writer, a programmer, a customer service rep or a variety of other positions, your job can likely be done from home.

Even parents who are home with their children can take advantage of this growing industry with these online jobs for moms. In order to be as productive as possible when working from home, you first need a solid workspace. If not, distractions and other issues could take away from your work and lead to wasted time and potential earnings.

With that in mind, here are some ways to take the design of your home office or workspace to the next level.

5 Tips To Take Your Home Office Design to the Next Level

Get the Right Lighting

One of the best things you can do to boost the design of your home office is to address the lighting. Poor lighting can lower your energy levels, hurt your mood, and simply make it difficult to work at your best. Natural light is always best as it is generally very gentle and calming, while still keeping your energy high. Unfortunately, you won’t always have adequate natural lighting, especially if you work at night or in a space with no windows.

As a result, you will often be forced to use lamps or overhead lights. In general, the lighting you use should be indirect. This is because it can soften and scatter harsh light that could hurt your eyes, or even lead to glare or shadows. You should also use bulbs that give off a softer “yellow” light than the variety that gives off harsh “blue” light. 

A task lamp is also good to have when doing tasks that require a lot of focus. Of course, this light doesn’t always need to be on when it’s not in use. Many lights today will also double as decorations, so don’t be afraid to pick one that fits well with the rest of the space.

Add a Plant

A houseplant in your office can be another effective design choice. There are several benefits of having plants in your home, and the home office is the perfect place to put them. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, having a plant in the office is a great way to reduce stress. We often feel more comfortable and calm in the presence of nature, and having even a single plant on your office desk can help. Another reason a plant in the office is a good thing is that it can actually boost your productivity.

You will generally work faster with a variety of plants around, be able to focus better and even be more creative. Plants will also improve the quality of the air in your office and simply make it look more welcoming overall.

Ensure Your Space Is Ergonomically Sound

If you are going to sit in an office for more than eight hours a day, you need to keep ergonomics in mind. You need a chair that is supportive and keeps your back in proper alignment, as well as a desk that is the right height and ensures you keep a good posture.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated office, your workspace should still be designed in an ergonomically-friendly way. When the ergonomics are off, it can often lead to pain in the neck and the back, which can make many day-to-day tasks very challenging over time.

You might not feel the effects of a bad chair immediately, but they will certainly catch up to you eventually. Also, be sure to get up and walk around every now and then, as sitting for hours every day isn’t good for your body either.

Make Sure Your Space Is Private and Distraction-Free

Working from home is often full of distractions. This is especially true if you have children at home, you have needy pets or have a partner that also works from home. The more going on around you, the more challenging it will be to focus on work.

While you may not be able to eliminate every possible distraction, be sure to do all you can to minimize them. Close the door to your office, consider using noise-reducing headphones and tell others in the home not to bother you unless it is urgent. 

Another big distraction is your smartphone, so be sure to keep that away from you or limit your use for only a minute or two at a time to check messages. Avoid getting caught up in social media while working, as this can become a big waste of time in your day. 

Keep Your Space Organized and Decluttered

Office organization is crucial, and this is especially important at a home office. You need to have a space for everything from your pens, notebooks, paper, printer, laptop, chargers and anything else you may need or use regularly. If you simply leave everything out all the time, it can not only become a mess, but could lead to you losing things. Being organized also helps the space feel less cluttered, which can help you focus on your work. 

If you still deal with clutter even after all of your organization efforts, it could mean you have too much “stuff” in the office or at your workstation. Take inventory of what you have, and what things don’t need to be there. At the end of each day, leave your space with a clean and clutter-free space, so you can get to work right away in the morning. 

Investing in a desk with storage or a small filing cabinet is also a good idea. This will make sure everything has a place and can be easily found when you need it. 

Perfecting Your Workspace

Working from home can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you need to make sure that your workspace is up to the task. By using these, you can ensure your office will help – not hurt – your productivity.


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