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Grocery shopping is one of my favorite “adult” things to do. It’s fun to try new foods and test out new recipes. But keeping healthy foods stocked in my fridge and staying on budget can be a challenge when the grocery store is packed with tempting treats!

Over the years I’ve come up with a few rules and tips that keep me on track while I’m grocery shopping to avoid overspending and wasting food!

Here are 5 tips to grocery shop smart and healthy:

1. Plan your meals.

I love meal planning as a way to not only keep control of my budget while grocery shopping but also as a way to prevent food waste. My husband and I always take a few minutes before heading out the door to plan out our meals for week!

To plan effectively, check what you already have in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Plan to use up anything that’s close to going bad or expiring early in the week. For example, if you have some lettuce that is on its last legs, a fresh salad with grilled chicken is the perfect light and healthy way to use it up. And you’ll need a minimal number of additional ingredients to complete the meal, and that will keep your wallet happy!

Build your meals around what you already have at home. You’ll end up spending less at the grocery store! And if you need additional inspiration, the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code has a plethora of recipes to test out!

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2. Use coupons with the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code.

Chicken is a staple in my home and I am always looking for new ways to prepare it. Not to mention, I’m always glad when I can find a deal on it! Luckily, Foster Farms just made shopping for chicken so much more fun!

The new Foster Farms DORI™ QR code is an interactive, on-package QR code you can easily scan — using just the camera on iOS 11 and Android, no app required! The Foster Farms Dori™ QR code give you exclusive access to coupons and savings, original recipes — I love having the ability to save money and inspiration to be creative in the kitchen right at my fingertips.

While my husband and I love to map out our meals for the week, we also like to avoid eating the same meals all the time. What can I say?! I just have to mix it up! I have been so inspired by the recipes on DORI™ to step out of our comfort zone and get creative in the kitchen. I can’t wait to try these Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders this weekend! And this Couscous Paella Soup looks like it will be perfect to try in the fall or winter.

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Foster Farms is one of the first poultry companies with an on-package QR code – you can’t miss it! Make sure to check it out in-store on your next shopping trip!

3. Shop with someone else.

Grocery shopping is always more fun when you go with a friend! Going shopping together means you’ll get some steps in walking around the store. Plus if you’re shopping with someone else in your household, you can split the cost of your grocery trip — a win-win for you both.

While you’re making your meal plan for the week, challenge yourself to make a healthy version of your favorite restaurant meals together. Making your meal at home means you’re taking in less sodium and preservatives. Bonus points if you can use only fresh ingredients!

4. Complement your chicken with vegetables.

My husband and I love putting making recipes together that use local vegetables to go with our Foster Farms chicken! We love easy meals, like this Chicken and Vegetable Sauté, that are a perfect balance of ingredients. Vegetables are nutrient-packed and are a great way to incorporate colors and new flavors into your diet!

You’ll often be able to find great deals on vegetables too, especially if they are in-season or slightly bruised or misshapen. Sometimes you’ll find that frozen vegetables are an even better deal. This is a bonus because you can keep them for longer and don’t need to make sure you’re using them up as quickly. There are so many recipes accessible via Foster Farms DORI™ QR code — don’t be afraid to mix up your chicken pairings and try something new!

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5. Don’t over-browse.

It might be tempting to want to look around the store at new and shiny packaging, but if you do, you’ll end up with items that weren’t originally on your list. It’s easy to get sucked in by the junk and overly-processed food aisles, but those aren’t going to help you reach your health goals!

Stick to your list and try staying on just the perimeter of the store. Here is where you’re most likely to find the healthy and non-processed options. Many stores also have store coupons near items that are on sale. This is great for items you were already planning to buy but don’t get sucked into adding things to your cart just because there’s a coupon.

So there we have it! Five tips to help you grocery shop smart and healthy. By planning your meals, shopping with someone else, building your meals around vegetables, avoiding over-browsing, and using the Foster Farms DORI™ QR code, you’ll be one your way to saving money and eating delicious meals!

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