The tiny house fad might be wild to some but there are some crazy benefits to living a mini-size home.

What is a tiny home? The movement has made a big statement throughout various states within the U.S. along with debuting a show on HGTV, Tiny House Hunters. When people are searching for tiny homes, the thought in mind is think small and very small.

Imagine your lifestyle transforming from a 2,000 square foot home with full-sized amenities to a 100 to 400 square foot living space that is about the size of one room of a home. Transitioning from the life you’re comfortable with to a new one from walking up a ladder to sleep in your 3 feet tall ceiling loft, cooking in a kitchenette, and using a composting toilet. Are you feeling it?

Tiny house living is the latest fad over the past couple of years. Being able to pick-up and travel the world while bringing your house along with you is the ultimate dream, for some people. From off-grid housing to parking your tiny home on your friend’s land is where these tiny home owners start off typically. 

What is the thrill or excitement of tiny house living? Why are people doing it? Here’s a couple of reasons as to why tiny house living is the newest lifestyle trend:

A Simplified Life

Tiny house living creates the most simplified life. Why? The transition and sacrifice from your normal home to the tight living quarters is tough, but brings many benefits to fulfill certain lifestyles.

Living tiny allows you to get rid of what’s not important in your life. For example, you’re able to get rid of clutter and the items you’ve always wanted to pitch. Since a tiny home can’t fit all of your home items, it’s time to downsize. This lifestyle gives the opportunity of environmental consciousness, no mortgage, advantage of saving more money, and changing up your typical every day to something that is more simplified. Even though you’re not living large in a big home, the tiny house living gives you exactly what you need.

Travel and Adventure

What better way to see various parts of the world than traveling within your home? Waking up every day to view the outdoors, trees, and natural lighting coming through your windows is the American dream. The capability of traveling and adventure is possible when you’re living inside a tiny mobile home. Most people who choose to live tiny are ones that are seeking travel and adventure. How does working come into play?

Being able to work remotely and live within your tiny home while enjoying the outdoors is ideal for some people. About 50% of tiny home owners are over 50 years of age. The growing movement allows for the adventure and travel in life because it helps reduce debt and helps save money. Having a better savings plan enables the tiny home owner to use that towards sightseeing and travel since a mortgage isn’t a monthly obligation.

As Amelia Earhart once said, “Adventure is worthwhile.”

Think Green

Go green, think green, and act green. The tiny house living movement is all about being green and environmentally conscious. From energy and electric to the actual tiny home construction, everything uses eco-friendly.

For example, in Country Living they’ve created an infographic that displays the average home compared to the tiny home. The average house has about 45 light bulbs that generates 639kWH of electricity whereas a tiny home has around 6 light bulbs that uses one-eighth of that. Heating, cooling, and the construction of the tiny home is all taken into consideration when wanting an eco-friendly small living space.

Being Self-Sufficient

Self-sufficiency is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to live tiny. Tiny homes create character and self-dependency because you’ve set yourself up outside the normal living lifestyle. Having to live off the minimum and making do with what you have is all a part of tiny house living.

For instance, some of the tiny homes throughout the country are considered off-grid retreats. Tiny home retreats use sustainable power sources that allows you to live a more leisurely life, that isn’t generated on fuel. Solar panels make a great substitute for power and energy, and incorporates the simpler and more self-sufficient lifestyle.

From the furnishings to the materials used, everything within a tiny home is strategically placed. With the different storage options, sleeping arrangements, and smaller features, it is what creates the tiny home atmosphere that people crave about. Not everyone can live tiny, but if it’s the lifestyle you’re looking for, it’s definitely something to consider!

Discussion: Does tiny house living appeal to you? Could you do it? 

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